Motherslug Interview with The Zach Moonshine Show Sunday January 7 2018, 10:49 AM
Motherslug Interview with The Zach Moonshine Show

Motherslug is your personal guide through barren, desert wastelands, on a horse called Doom and an interplanetary trip in a space capsule of gloom on ‘Electric Dunes of Titan’. It’s been a while in the making and the effort that has gone into the hooks, vocals and overall production is clearly evident.

Your car stereo will thank you for this one – just forward the inevitable speeding fines to the fine folk at Motherslug headquarters!

~ Clint (Hand of Doom Radio)

"After hearing this record, it's impossible to withstand the temptation to simply play it again." ~ Glacially Musical

"It's a superb album on all fronts" ~ Outlaws of the Sun

"an obscene amount of groove" ~ Metal Obsession

"if you squint enough, their drummer looks a bit like Brant Bjork" ~ Hellbound

"The Electric Dunes of Titan is so heavy and so slow, it’s like listening to John Goodman walk" ~ Moshville

With some of its final transmissions, the Cassini space probe showed us that the dunes on Saturn’s moon Titan are formed by static electricity in addition to wind. Electric forces pull and twist the sand into giant formations at once both recognizable but different from anything seen on Earth.

Inspired by the combination of known and unknown, Motherslug fuses the fuzz and crunch of doom structures with psychedelia and atmosphere to form a cohesive rock composition both familiar yet distinct.
released October 31, 2017

Recorded at Beveridge Rd and The Black Lodge, Winter 2017
Mixed by John Bartels
Mastered by Jacob Munnery, Clockwork Audio Mastering

Check out the interview below!

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