Top 5 Metal Albums of 2021 Thursday September 16 2021, 5:42 AM
Top 5 Metal Albums of 2021

Top 5 Metal Albums Of 2021

Even with the obsession that has come with pop and hip-hop music, rock and metal is not dead, as evidenced by the charts. Some of the heavy metal albums have made impressive sales and millions of streams. From generational superstars to returning legends, whether they have topped the charts, caused rumbles or not, these are some of the best metal albums that have defined the year so far. 

Cannibal Corpse – Violence Unimagined

Any metal bug knows that the legendary Cannibal Corpse are the holy fathers of death metal. They have had fifteen albums in but, this is the album that delivers what all metal fanatics want to hear. They have yet continued their renowned unmatched metal action with this one. 

The album is highly addictive and you will have it on repeat. It is catchy and will strongly impact you half to death. Corpsegrinder diehards will have their heads spinning from his mountain-quaking barks. This album is heavy and is an actual perfection with many outstanding songs. Surround, Kill, Devour puts together an excellent chorus to sing along. This album is what 2021 death metal needs to sound like.

Gojira – Fortitude

For their seventh album, the French heavy metal torchbearers Gojira channelized the experimentalism of Magma into creating a breathtaking exhibition of heavy metal in Fortitude . The album is evidence of continuous dedication to their craft with detailed passages, teasing tones, and an emotional connection that is unequaled.  This album is a crowning achievement for Gojira as it greatly helped them champion their dominance. For the fanatics and new recruits, it is an exhilarating metal album that integrates the band’s past and present. This album should definitely have them playing in various rock arenas. 

At the Gates – The Nightmare of Being

Who can ever dislike or even come close to disapproving any album by At the Gates ? This should not even be possible. Some may have argued that this group has been different since their era of Slaughter of the Soul , but they probably haven’t heard of this album. The Nightmare of Being is what you want to generally yield out of any heavy metal or At the Gates

With Tomas aggressively hitting each furious scream, the chunky and explosive interpretation, and the combined atmosphere of the alternating darks and lights, this one will blow your mind. Even though the guitar is one of the  hardest instruments to play , Martin Larsson shreds it like a true master. The album uniquely stands out with such moments that ironically depict life’s beauty and chaos. This album is ridiculously good.

Architects – For Those Who Wish To Exist

During their fifteen-year career, the metal warhorses, Architects have undergone moments of intense highs and deplorable lows. Every level of this album is a significant triumph of their 21 st century album. It has cemented the band’s position as a very modern and bold metal band making it their biggest one yet. 

For Those who Wish To Exist is a band’s work as they demand their seat at the highest of music tables. Album tracks like “Black Lungs” and “Little Wonder” have indeed enhanced the band’s radiant heavy metal reputation. This album gave the band their first UK No.1 spot and indeed, this is a sign that they earned what they wanted.

Evanescence- The Bitter Truth

Evanescence has undergone a lot but that did not keep them from giving heavy metal fans an excellent album release. The Bitter Truth saw Amy Lee go back to her roots faced with a lot of dark emotions but granting heavy metal fans a politically electrified and empowering album. The Bitter Truth is nestled between all that is bold and familiar. It has the right dose of agitation and is everything any of the band’s fans yearns for. 

The album was put together with the group bearing life scars. Amy Lee’s younger brother had passed on and there was an ongoing global pandemic. This does not mean that the album has any depressing record. They are all masterpieces. The album depicts themes of perseverance through grief and allowing all broken pieces to shine and this makes it an absolutely empowering listen from its beginning to its end.


The very acclaimed of heavy metal bands have yet given fans great and killer album releases. The picks we have on our list are what we feel are the best of 2021. However, time will only tell what new hits will come out during the upcoming months, so you should pay attention to all the latest releases. 

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