Top 6 Metal Music Myths Saturday September 11 2021, 8:47 AM
Top 6 Metal Music Myths

Metal music and the metal community are often highly misrepresented and misunderstood within wider society. From the belief that all metal fans and musicians are Satanists, to the idea that all metal music is just screaming, here are the top 6 misconceptions about metal music and the reality behind the myths.

  1. It's All Just Screaming 

One of the biggest myths of metal music is that it’s all just ‘screamo’. Screamo is a genre in itself, which often gets mixed in with other genres, including metal. In particular, it’s common within subgenres such as metalcore. But, to the annoyance of many metal fans, while a lot of metal music does indeed have screaming in it, to say that all metal music is just screaming is a massive generalization that doesn’t take into account a lot of other subgenres. 

  1. You Can't Understand What They're Saying

Whilst it’s true that in some cases it can be hard to pick out all the lyrics in a metal song, the same is also true of others genres of music, such as rapping. More importantly, there are numerous examples of metal bands whose lyrics you can clearly make out, particularly the metal bands of the 70s and 80s. 

“The more you listen to metal music, the easier it becomes to understand what the vocalists are saying,” says Peter Macon, a music writer at Elite assignment help and Simple Grad . “Many metal fans can even identify individual screamers within songs because screaming has individual tonality behind it.”

  1. All Metal Musicians Are Uneducated And The Lyrics Don't Make Sense

There are many people who think that metal lyrics are simplistic or that they don’t make any sense. Equally, many people also mistakenly think that metal musicians are themselves uneducated and therefore incapable of creating meaningful lyrics. However, this is a gross stereotype. Many metal musicians are not only highly talented, but also intelligent. Many are inspired by classical composers and have a thorough knowledge of music composition and theory. Moreover, a lot of metal lyrics are in fact deep and meaningful, often communicating or exploring complex themes and emotions.

  1. All Metal Fans Are Either Satanists Or Anti-Religion

Satanism and satanic imagery are often closely associated with metal music, meaning that people have a tendency to automatically assume that metal fans and musicians are satanic or, at the very least, anti-religion. In part, this myth may be traced back to the 80s when bands (including Iron Maiden and Black Sabbath) wrote songs which questioned religion and God himself. Yet, many people are also unaware that there are numerous metal bands who are religious and whose music openly reflects this. For examples, subgenres of metal, including Christian Metalcore, are actually filled with such bands, whose lyrics support and promote religion, rather than oppose it.

  1. It Takes No Skill To Be A Metal Musician

Most metal musicians are in fact highly talented and playing music in this genre actually takes a lot of skill and effort. Aside from fast riffs, musicians also have to develop a strict sense of timing and the ability to improvise. 

“Metal is notoriously difficult to sing, requiring vocal chords that can vary from screaming, to growling, as well as reaching a vast range of notes. Even screamers need to develop their screaming abilities to ensure they don’t damage their vocal chords in the process, whilst also creating a distinct sound,” says April Smith, an arts manager at UK Top Writers and Revieweal .

  1. Listening To Metal Music Will Make You Depressed

Some people think that listening to metal music will make you become angry and depressed. In fact, most metal fans listen to metal music as a way to relax and unwind, which results in a more positive mood. For many fans of the genre, metal music actually helps to empower them and to relieve themselves of negative emotions and thoughts.


Metal culture is often misrepresented and misunderstood by many people within society. In reality, it’s actually a genre of music that appeals to a wide range of people. It’s also a genre that brings fans together, creating a great sense of community. Rather than allowing misconceptions to prevent you enjoying metal music, release some of your pre-existing biases and give metal a try.

Christina Lee is an experienced social media strategist at Write my paper and Big Assignments . She regularly writes articles about the latest marketing news and technologies for a range of services, including Best essay writing services , among others. A metal fan herself, Christina enjoys going to concerts and playing guitar in her spare time.

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