Hard Rock single by Pure Tonic Friday May 15 2020, 11:35 AM
Hard Rock single by Pure Tonic

Upcoming rock band PURE TONIC have recently been making waves amongst the online rock music community with their new upcoming rock single release entitled “DEAD INSIDE” which has already proven itself to be a major hit with their audience throughout social media. The single “DEAD INSIDE” is expected to bring something fresh to the table of the rock music genre for both regular listeners and veterans of the genre. PURE TONIC’s unique sound and songwriting style along with their evoking lyrics and themes have and continue to explode amongst the rock music scene showing no signs of slowing down with the release of the brand new single “DEAD INSIDE”.

PURE TONIC’s latest singles "Roll the Dice" and "Last Goodbye” have already generated more than 300.000 streams on Spotify, creating an incredible buzz on social media platforms and reaching some of their potential audience. PURE TONIC have also been gaining both national and international recognition via airplay and various interviews across major music media, with some reputable blogs and magazines gaining considerable interest in the upcoming rock band due to the success of the bands previous singles and upcoming release. This has helped to put rock band PURE TONIC on the map and generate hype for the brand new single release as we blast forward into 2020 with full force despite a global pandemic.

About Pure Tonic
Pure Tonic are a 5-piece rock outfit from Hamburg, Germany. The band see themselves as missionaries of stadium and Sleaze Rock. They bring captivating melodies, elaborate guitar riffs and almost hymn-like vocals fusing both contemporary rock and metal elements together to create something modern and new.

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