New Promo: Paradoxicide - Savior - (Death/Thrash Metal) Tuesday December 28 2021, 12:00 AM
New Promo: Paradoxicide - Savior - (Death/Thrash Metal)

Release Date August 19, 2021

FFO: Sepultura, Slipknot, Testament, Slayer, Cavalera Conspiracy

Bio: Paradoxicide is a new classic death metal band and is the brainchild of a middle aged midwest male in Holland, OH. The music and lyrics came to him in a Covid induced fever dream over the 2020 lockdown. Once recovered, he knew what he must do. He contacted the best musicians he could find to record the music Covid gifted him. Once they all declined he reached out to former bandmates of lesser skill and hired a singer from an underground Metal website. Over the past several months they have be recording their debut album SAVIOR. The first two songs on the upcoming album, 'Savior' and 'Art of Artifice' have been released on all major streaming platforms and are available in the iTunes store and Amazon Music. The third single, 'Crown of Rust' is scheduled to be released 9/3/2021 with the remainder of the album coming out early Winter 2021. Paradoxicide makes no claims to the quality of the music and lyrics. We also make no apologies for them either. 

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