Hope Deferred Releases Cover of Living Sacrifice's "Breathing Murder" Tuesday August 24 2021, 5:00 PM
Hope Deferred Releases Cover of Living Sacrifice's "Breathing Murder"

Your wait and the hype is about to pay off! Hope Deferred presents their cover of Living Sacrifice’s monumental song “Breathing Murder.” Off of the legendary group’s third full length, 1994’s “Inhabit,” this is the primary track from the album that helped inspire Andrew Godwin and Jason Lindquist to pursue their musical aspirations. 

Hope Deferred’s version of “Breathing Murder” was meticulously forged through careful scrutiny of the original. It aspires to stay as true to its inspiration, while not completely mimicking it note for note. We hope you enjoy their salute to one of the longest-working and influential artists in the extreme metal scene.

“Breathing Murder” features Andrew Godwin on guitar and vocals. Jon Tooley provides lead guitar, drum / synth programming, and engineering. Jason Lindquist performs bass on the track. Andreas Magnusson (The Black Dahlia Murder, Becoming the Archetype, Wolves at the Gate) mixed and mastered the song at Planet Red Studios. Shane Blay from Oh, Sleeper threw down some awesome guest vocals. So be on the lookout for those as you listen.

You can buy and stream Hope Deferred’s cover of “Breathing Murder” at the group’s  Bandcamp . It will also be available soon on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, and other streaming outlets.

You can get more info about Hope Deferred on their Facebook  page .

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