Aeon reveals details for new album, 'God Ends Here'; launches lyric video for first single, "Church of Horror" Tuesday August 17 2021, 2:02 PM
Aeon reveals details for new album, 'God Ends Here'; launches lyric video for first single, "Church of Horror"

Album artwork by: Paolo Girardi

On October 15th,   Aeon   will release their new album,   God Ends Here , via Metal Blade Records. For a first preview of the record, a lyric video for the new single, "Church of Horror", can be viewed at:   - where   God Ends Here   can be pre-ordered in the following formats:
- jewelcase-CD
- 180g black vinyl (EU exclusive)
- gold vinyl (EU exclusive - limited to 300 copies)
- orange w/ red splatter vinyl (EU exclusive - limited to 200 copies)
- gold / black melt vinyl (EU exclusive - limited to 200 copies)
- gold w/ black splatter vinyl (US exclusive)

With 2012's  Aeons Black  standing as one of the defining death metal albums of the twenty-first century, it has been a long wait for the follow up. In 2021, Sweden's  Aeon  finally return with its successor,  God Ends Here , and in doing so only up the ante with a record that is bigger, harder and stronger in every way. A darker, even more epic collection, it is everything an  Aeon  fan could want with a few surprises in store, pushing the genre in new directions, and once again asserting that they are one of the most important bands in extreme metal.

The main reason for the gap between records lies in finding the right drummer, having had a few pass through their ranks in the interim,  Dark Funeral/Imperium  drummer Janne Jaloma now manning the kit. Making his recording debut with the band is also bassist Tony Östman, who joined in 2013, during the touring cycle for  Aeons Black . Guitarist Daniel Dlimi, who departed the  Aeon  fold in 2013, also returned to the band's ranks in 2019, which inspired guitarist Zeb Nilsson to write, having really missed collaborating with him.

Drums were recorded in Jaloma's own Studio Starköl, guitars and bass in the band's own Rise to Dominate Studio, and the vocals were recorded at Metallfabriken Studio, where some guitar re-amping was also done. Producer Ronnie Björnström, who presided over  Aeons Black , once again oversaw proceedings, making sure everything sounded as big as possible. Expanding the sonic palette are strings and choirs, the orchestral elements primarily programmed by Nilsson with Dlimi handling those on "Mephistopheles", while Nilsson wrote the choir parts. With dramatic artwork by Italian artist Paolo Girardi the final piece of the puzzle, the finished package extends  Aeon 's legacy and gives the genre the push that was intended from the outset. They may have been gone a long time but make no mistake:  Aeon  are back, and  God Ends Here  will lay waste to all.

God Ends Here   track-listing
1. The Nihilist
2. Liar's Den
3. Let It Burn
4. Orpheus Indu Inferis
5. Church of Horror
6. Deny Them Eternity
7. Forsaker
8. Into the Void
9. God Ends Here
10. Severed
11. Just One Kill
12. Mephistopheles
13. Let the Torturing Begin
14. Despise the Cross
15. Overture: Magnum Reginae
16. Queen of Lies

Photo credit: Tony Östman

Aeon line-up:
Tommy Dahlström - vocals
Zeb Nilsson - guitars
Daniel Dlimi - guitars
Tony Östman - bass
Janne Jaloma - drums (session)

Aeon online: aeon666 aeon666com aeon_666

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