Blast This New Suffocation Track Loud! Saturday April 15 2017, 10:38 PM
Blast This New Suffocation Track Loud!

Suffocation have debuted “Your Last Breaths,” the first single from their new album …Of the Dark Light . It’s a real churning meat grinder of a song, basically one long elephants marching riff, disrupted only by a woozy, atonal shred solo from the great Terrance Hobbs. If the whole album is this good, we’re in for a treat. A poisonous treat that wants us to die suffering, sure, but a treat nonetheless!

Check out “Your Last Breaths” below.  ….Of the Dark Light comes out June 9 on Nuclear Blast. Pre-order it here .

[ via The PRP ]

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Zach Moonshine
THE BEAST still taking technical death metal to the extreme like its nothing Suffocation is bad ass
7 years ago