ZETAR set release date for SPIRIT COFFIN debut, reveal first track Wednesday August 4 2021, 7:26 PM
ZETAR set release date for SPIRIT COFFIN debut, reveal first track

Today,   Spirit Coffin Publishing   announces October 15tth as the international release date for   Zetar 's striking debut album,  Devouring Darkness , on CD, vinyl LP, and cassette tape formats.

Named for a planet of telepaths who'd transcended into a roaming mass of pure psychic energy to curtail their own meteoric extinction, sci-fi themed black/death metal trio   Zetar  initially formed in 2019 as a solo act via Austin, Texas-area musician R.G., who'd forgo the public demo process in favor of developing recording and compositional skills in private alongside a host of talented international conspirators. The circle was complete with the addition of French vocalist T.P. and relentless Ecuadoran drummer David Lamas, both of whom add their own extra-dimensional touch of madness and malevolence to the album's living and breathing psychic mass.

Seeking to graft their collective disembodied consciousness onto new hosts, the trio present  Devouring Darkness  as a trance of transitive black and death metal properties, exposing fresh mythos and mystery within our undiscovered infinitum. Computer gods! Universal evils! Mind-rending telepathic control! Serpentine melodies and jagged riffs intertwine to power all warp coils through these eight steadily bounding expeditions: All horrors (and wonders) beyond are revealed via this oddity of unclear influences, which range from classics of '90s death metal, synth-laden and thrashing black metal, and classic science fiction scores.

Invoking the names of artists as vastly different as Michael Schenker Group, Blood Incantation, Immortal, and Acheron as just a few shades of vast influence, R.G.'s work isn't focused on emulating current or past greats: "My drive was to challenge myself to do something I’ve never done before. In the process of discovery, my guitar playing improved; I began playing bass, and started working with analog synth. This ultimately tapped into creativity that I hadn’t found in years - I went to college to be an artist, then a writer. It was never about being more brutal or heavy than anyone else, but to capture the music that was in my head, something that I wasn’t really hearing from other bands."

The artist's ethos also seeks to capture the true, tangible essence of heavy metal recordings to some degree, choosing to forego muddy down-tuning, direct-input recording, and any artificial pace-keeping: "Overall, I wanted the album to have a bit of a nasty, gritty, filthy, underground vibe to it. I didn’t want it to be too clean, sanitized, and sterile like a lot of 'perfect'-sounding modern extreme metal albums. I believe metal should have some of that element, though it shouldn’t be a distraction." The result is an out of-this-world yet entirely carbon-based species of black/death metal.

Hear for yourself with the brand-new track "Lights of Zetar"  HERE   at   Zetar 's   Bandcamp, where all formats can be preordered. Cover artwork, courtesy of Bruce Pennington, and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Zetar's Devouring Darkness
1. Devouring Darkness
2. Return to Talos IV (The Cage)
3. Demons of Darkness and Air
4. Portal Six-Three
5. Lights of Zetar
6. Landru
7. Orbital Decay
8. Ardra (Great Deceiver)



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