Watain Returns! Pre-order 'Trident Wolf Eclipse'! Monday December 18 2017, 5:08 PM
Watain Returns! Pre-order 'Trident Wolf Eclipse'!

Following the tradition of the previous 5 Watain albums, TRIDENT WOLF ECLIPSE was recorded by Tore Stjerna in Necromorbus Studio in Stockholm, during the summer of 2017.

The eight songs on the album were written and performed by the same members that formed the band 20 years ago; Erik Danielsson, Pelle Forsberg and Håkan Jonsson. Appearing on the album are also Set Teitan and Alvaro Lillo, who are permanent members in Watain's touring line up since 2006, as well as Attila Czihar (MAYHEM) and H. Death (DEGIAL). Lyrically, TRIDENT WOLF ECLIPSE keeps on exploring diabolical and sinister gorges of philosophy, religion and magic as well as the force and the struggle that define them.

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