Pressure - Skuggan (The SHADOW) - Featured At MHF Magazine! Saturday June 26 2021, 11:00 PM
Pressure - Skuggan (The SHADOW) - Featured At MHF Magazine!

Pressure - Skuggan (The SHADOW) - Featured At MHF Magazine ! Check it out here at this link:

Skuggan, meaning 'the shadow' in Swedish is about exactly that, your shadow.  Everyone has a SKUGGAN. Embrace it, do not fear it. It's yours, it's unique, and it's non-judgmental. We all need to put our trust in SKUGGAN! You can feel the power of the story behind this video as Olof's entrance to the video is as powerful as his voice. Then he jumps  right into the scene as  the 2 axeman Simon and Emil Salling just sizzle in every chord and note in  HARMONY. What these  guys  bring  to every note is contagious. Making you want more and more. Skuggan is the center of the story of Pressures first album “Path of a Shadow”. Just imagine that your shadows could talk and give you the story of your life just from being your shadow. For your shadow never leaves you, judges you, makes fun of you, but yet instead  is there for you. Skuggan is there whether you can see him or not. Always supporting you without pause. There to be your ally not your enemy.

“I am silently watching, biding my time
You cannot escape me
I am always around
As I watch your struggles, your happiness and your fights!
Who am I to tell you what is right
I will never judge you, nor will I laugh
Not even for a moment will I leave your side
As you cry out for help, love and success
I just hold my hand on your shoulder and reminds you that to me you are my sole reason to exists”
Watch Skuggan tell his story ….

Check out the video!

PATH OF A SHADOW  was released May 7th 2021.

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