Gamble Away while Listening to Metallic Music Friday June 25 2021, 5:11 AM
Gamble Away while Listening to Metallic Music

Heavy Metal is the child of the Blues, Psychedelic and Acid Rock that emerged in the 60s. The last two genres of music are closely thought to appease people who believe in the magic of substance. The blues extended chords and riffs in guitars amalgamated to find a new genre propagating energy and supposed darkness. 

Substance, aggression, wanderlust, and loudness are reflected in the music that depicts the uncontrollable aspect of human emotions. One of the habit or inclination that catches the masses is gambling. 

Pop culture has imbibed themes of heavy metal into it, which included gambling also. Online gambling is on its rise ever since the dawn of smartphones and applications. Some online gambling websites like show how heavy metal influences gambling. 

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Effect of Music on Players

In a study published at the US National Library of Medicine website, the National Institutes of Health claimed that participants tended to bet more with low-tempo music and high-tempo music encouraged intense play where the reaction to a bet was spontaneous. 

While we are talking about heavy metal, it seems the participants will take less time in placing bets. Heavy metal is believed to make people focus on something. In addition, the high rhythm of the songs makes the player gets more involved in the game and enjoy. 

Gambling is associated with heavy metal music. And both of them have a reasonable nexus with mystery, symbology and darkness. Listening to songs while playing adds to the effect. Let us take a look at some of the famous songs with a gambling note. 

Famous Songs for Gambling

Poker Face

This song shook the chartbusters for a long. It was sung by the known ally of Metallica, Lady Gaga. The high tempo of the song would inspire the players, and since it is based on poker, it would be appropriate to listen to it while playing poker. 

Lady Gaga cleared the air that the song is about bisexuality. But Steve N' Seagulls released their version in a new avatar with a direct hint at the game. The gamers liked that too. 

Ace of Spades

Motorhead, the legendary heavy metal music creator, has nailed it with this piece of music that directly related to gambling. The song evokes vivid imagery of a man who believes his luck is locked in the Ace of Spades. 


Many covers and remixes have been released since the song was originally released decades ago. But nothing works more magic than the original score. Moreover, the song has been featured in a slot machine game inspired by Motorhead. The slot game has been acclaimed as a marvel of a metal-inspired gambling game. 

Train of Consequences

All the music and movies depict gambling as a necessary habit of powerful people that gives a lot of adrenaline rush and take you on a joy ride full of excitement. This is why players were stunned when they received a critical response on the game and its vices in the song by Megadeth. The song depicts the negative impact gambling can have on society and individuals. 

The Angel and the Gambler

The name of this song is a paradox in itself. How come an epitome of purity, an angel, and a gambler, a speck of dirt on human conscience, can come together? 

The Maiden’s song portrays the paradox beautifully. An artist either takes inspiration from his surroundings or tries to converge his feelings into his artwork. The same happened here. The song is all about the will to leave and the pull that gambling exerts on the quitter. 

The band has tried to tell their story of how hard it is to overcome that pull and escape that web un-specked. The song was well-received. 

Deuces Are Wild

That one is a cult classic from the Blues inspired Aerosmith. All the casino players can relate to the song. The value of deuces is low, but sometimes it becomes what you need the most to win the game. However, the band is talking about a girl here. 

Smoke on the Water

It seems that heavy metal band Deep Purple was deeply shaken by the destruction of a Casino where frank Zappa was supposed to do a concert. The song doesn't have any direct connection with the play. It is an allegory to the misfortune that befell the Casino which the band witnessed from Lake Geneva, hence Smoke's title on the water. 

The Jack

AC/DC is talking about a woman who is having a jack. He seemingly implies that the woman wins every time she gets a jack; maybe she is cheating. 

So, round up the playlist next time you go playing. 

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