Album Review: WyndRider - "Revival" Thursday April 18 2024, 11:23 AM
Album Review: WyndRider - "Revival"

Electric Valley Records is rolling out the red carpet for what is one of 2024's most anticipated releases in the stoner doom metal sphere. WyndRider's sophomore LP, "Revival," set to be unleashed both physically and digitally on June 7, delivers an invigorating surge of sonic potency, reinforcing the band's esteemed standing in the metal community.

Following their acclaimed debut, WyndRider has not taken their foot off the pedal. Instead, they've geared up even more, harnessing the momentum of extensive touring and critical praise. "Revival" isn't just a title; it's a statement. Recorded once again under the meticulous ear of Danielle Fehr at The Wizard Productions, this album is a visceral exploration of their Southern roots, encapsulating the dualities of hope and despair that paint the landscapes of the Appalachian region.

Track-wise, "Revival" is a journey through the rugged terrains of human and environmental narratives. "Forked Tongue Revival" sets the tone with its thunderous riffs and Chloe Gould’s commanding vocals, blending the mystique of the mountains with a biting critique of cultural facades. The single "Motorcycle Witches" is particularly standout, offering a heady mix of heavy, pulsating bass lines from Joshuwah Herald and gritty storytelling, while "Devil's Den" and "Remember the Sabbath" dive deep into the heart of Southern gothic tales and Sabbath-esque doom influences.

Each track on "Revival" serves as a chapter in a larger story, with robust compositions that showcase Robbie Willis' masterful guitar work and Josh Brock's dynamic drumming, both of which anchor the album’s overarching themes of redemption and deceit.

The production on the album is impeccably polished, with Fehr's mixing and mastering highlighting the band's evolution in sound and sophistication. The graphic work by Toxinfigure visually complements the album's thematic elements, weaving an aesthetic that is as haunting as it is enthralling.

With appearances lined up at major festivals like Maryland Doom Fest and Gravitoyd Doom Fest, alongside a continuous touring schedule, WyndRider is not just riding the waves—they are making them. "Revival" solidifies their position as a beacon of heavy music, with a sound that’s both rooted and radical.

Overall, "Revival" is a powerful follow-up that not only meets but exceeds the expectations set by WyndRider’s debut. It’s a deeply resonant record that speaks volumes of the band’s growth and their unflinching gaze into the abyss of their musical and cultural heritage. For fans of stoner doom, and indeed for any aficionado of heavy, meaningful music, "Revival" is an essential listen that promises to echo through the valleys and peaks of the genre.

- 666% Zach Moonshine - Metal Devastation Radio

Album Credits:
Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Danielle Fehr of The Wizard Productions in February 2024 in Bristol, TN.
Graphic Artist:  Toxinfigure
—Band Lineup—
Robbie Willis – Guitar
Chloe Gould – Vocals
Joshuwah Herald – Bass
Josh Brock – Drums

Available Formats:
Vinyl (Heavyweight 180g w/ Protective Plastic Sleeve): Black (250x), Color in Color / Orange in Clear Splatter Black Vinyl (220x), Ultra LTD “Rider Edition” Vinyl (30x), and Test Press Vinyl (5x); CD; and Digital. 

Pre-Order (Starts 24 April at 18:00 CET): (for North America)


Upcoming Shows:
5/02 - Memphis, TN - Hi Tone
5/03 - Arlington, TX - Growl Records 
5/04 - Houston, TX - Gravitoyd Doom Fest at Black Magic Social Club
5/05 - New Orleans, LA - Siberia 
5/24 - Knoxville, TN - BrickYard Bar & Grill
5/26 - Charlotte, NC - TBA 

6/08 - Johnson City, TN - The Hideaway 
6/20 - Indianapolis, IN - Black Circle
6/21 - Akron, OH - Buzzbin 
6/22 - The Maryland Doom Fest at Cafe 611
6/23 - New York, NY - The Bowery Electric 

7/05 - Asheville, NC - The Odd 
7/11 - Nashville, TN - Springwater 
7/12 - London, KY - Holler of Doom Fest at Mountain View Farm 
7/13 - Cincinnati, OH - The Comet


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