DECONSECRATION / REBURIED - Split - Reviewed By Metal Friends! Saturday June 12 2021, 1:52 PM
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DECONSECRATION / REBURIED - Split - Reviewed By Metal Friends!

DECONSECRATION / REBURIED - Split - Reviewed By Metal Friends ! Check it out here at this link:

From Seattle (Washington- United States) we get this Split: Deconsecration and Re-Buried are the protagonists of this shared. From Seattle, precisely we had not had a notable reference to extreme music, and the city is rather remembered for being one of the cradles of alternative rock of the nineties. Now, looking at it from a broader perspective, lately from those American lands come a lot of devastating bands very analogous to each other, within the style that the actors of this work move; Blood Incantation, Necrot, Gatecreeper and some more recent Gravesend, thus providing a breath of fresh air to the style that emerged and saw its most flourishing lights in the early nineties in Florida, and on the other hand in New York, with particularities between one school and another.


'Priestess Of The Void', immediately it's Death Metal with live guitar chords, crushing string atmospheres and full-bulk vocals. 'Dissected To Death', faster and more violent than the previous song.

I love this kind of feeling that prints the suppression of the sound of the drums and cymbals, welcoming, gentlemen! Halfway through the track there is a subtle pause and the lethargy of lost souls resonate like an unmistakable epitaph toward death. Excellent the work of the voices!

'Shortness Of Breath', a small intro is heard, a horrific saga, other fantastic crosses of riffs along with superlative atmospheres of darkness, deadly and cutting guitars.
Not suitable for people sensitive to strong sensations.

'Sonic Terror' is the last cut of Deconsecration.
Here they vary a bit and it's not the typical theme of intensity and deceleration, but some states of very devastating rhythms are added.

RE-BURIED: It's Reburied's turn now.

They start the tralla with 'Wings And Horns', here the matter gets ugly, a lot of speed and violence from the beginning, basic and crazy riffs, some similarity with the voices of the other band but, this is less deep and serious than the previous one.
'Sky Wagon' also continues in that insistence for being incessant, here they almost touch the limits of Thrash Metal, if not for the intonation of the guitars.

'Sepulchral Stech', sets the tone.
This topic starts a little slower than the previous two, then continues the same connection and your goal of going straight to the bone.

'Hypocrisy Incarnate' lowers the decibels but after a few moments the heaviness restarts along with the deadly arrangements.
It is the longest song, about four minutes of sound spraying.

'The Repulsive Nature Of The Unwaverin';
blast-beats and pure disease in just over two minutes. 
We have on the one hand, four manifestations of a Deconsecration of wide magnitude towards a Death Metal based on ultra strong riffs, direct and where at no time do they lower the intensity. On the other hand, five records of Re-Buried, a little less cerebral and phlegmatic than the previous ones, but with the same fierceness. Excellent Split of these two promising formations, without any waste. It's a must listen to this fabulous release! - Metal Friends


Out from the dark sewers of Seattle, Washington, enter a procession of Death Metal might courtesy of both Deconsecration and Re-Buried, a split venture that shall pulverize the soul and bones of every bloodthirsty maniac.

Deconsecration creeps from the infernal pits and lead the way with four slabs of (im)pure Death Metal potency, genuine sonic torment through utter grave vociferations and supreme dense riffs, whether in fast outbreaks of obscure aggression or slower and mid-tempo gashes of morbidity in the good tradition of the beasts from the dark past.

With Re-Buried, matters bifurcate into a further Brutal spectrum yet thoroughly maintaining the virulent stench and macabre aura. Carved in bashing blastbeats and striking riffs, the group’s fierceness and savagery display equal thrust on slower sections where the ominous distortion and gloomy roars portray an atmosphere of distress and creeping terror. With sheer dynamism, Re-Buried injects variation and enough hooks, effectively upholding the momentum without ever sounding repetitive or dull.

This release is a must have for fans of GRAVE, early DEATH, BOLT THROWER, FUNEBRARUM...

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