Philly Rockers THE AGE OF TRUTH Make Steadfast Return with Storming New Album and Single Wednesday May 12 2021, 10:34 PM
Philly Rockers THE AGE OF TRUTH Make Steadfast Return with Storming New Album and Single

Casting kinships from the heaviest rock and metal around, self-proclaimed brothers-in-arms, The Age of Truth, return this summer with their brand-new studio album,  Resolute .  
Upon the release of their 2017 debut  Threshold , the band were not only defined by their adventurous ideas, but also their conviction and togetherness as a hard rocking unit.
“Together we’ve constantly tried to evolve our song writing, instrumentation and the sound we wanted to capture,” explains bassist, William Miller. "This album has been a real journey for us and almost three years in the making. We’ve held ourselves to exacting standards every step of the way."
With  Resolute , the Philadelphian quartet have rebuilt their entire sound atop an unshakable foundation. Producing a record that is bigger and bolder than anything they’ve attempted before, the band has newly replenished their arsenal of deadly tones, diesel-fuelled fuzz, and heavy psychedelic blues. 
One of the defining benchmarks on  Resolute  is new single ‘Salome’; a silver-riffed beast that will strike a chord with followers of classic stoner rock and Clutch’s no-nonsense aural assaults. Throw in the majestic gravitational-altering grooves of Soundgarden and it truly encapsulates everything The Age of Truth is about.
Resolute  will be officially released on 23rd July 2021 through Contessa Music. In the meantime, however you can stream their brand-new new single ‘Salome’ right now via The Obelisk – 3y86hz5
Pre-order the album  HERE
Praise for The Age of Truth:
“When it finally fades into a loud silence of nothingness, I go to the beginning and start the album all over again. It’s that good; in fact, it’s that great.”  
“Threshold is a total joy to listen to. It's brilliantly heavy and flowing with rich musical ideas that will mean you'll be listening to this album for days.” OUTLAWS OF THE SUN  
“With all the crazy shit going on in the world, there is always rock and roll to save the soul, and The Age of Truth is there to lend a hand.”  
“The Age of Truth has just enough ruggedness to get lumped in with some really strong doom bands, but overall, they’re just dishing out hard rock the way it should be done.” RIFF RELEVANT

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