Motivik 'Death of the Gunmen' - Reviewed At Necromance Magazine! Monday March 8 2021, 5:45 AM
Motivik 'Death of the Gunmen' - Reviewed At Necromance Magazine!

Motivik 'Death of the Gunmen' - Reviewed At Necromance Magazine ! Check it out here at this link:

MOTIVIK is a new band / project from Atlanta, USA consisting of multi-instrumentalist / musical mastermind Ryan Roebuck who in turn shares voices with Courtney Simmons. Therefore two singers. It seems that both members knew each other their whole lives and shared bands in their early years. Basically MOTIVIK was formed in 2020, a year that as we well know was the strangest due to this horrible pandemic that we are suffering. Roebuck spent a good part of the year composing songs in his own recording studio and in the end his efforts resulted in this "Death Of The Gunman", therefore the duo's debut album that has been released by the Californian Christian metal label. Roxx Records. The album has been produced by Ryan himself in his own studio. 

Let's move on to the music. I would personally describe MOTIVIK's stylelike a mix of power and thrash with a good dose of grooves on almost every track. "Souls in Torment" is a cover by legendary Christian thrash band SACRAMENT that isn't bad at all. But I'll be honest with you: without having anything against this project band, at times it has gotten me a bit bored. And it is not because of the touch of this "western" that permeates the album that the truth is that it did not quite convince me ... it is that this smells like a project no matter where you look at it. I don't see a common thread running through the album, and I'm not talking about conceptual records or anything, but I am talking about, let's say, songs that give us the feeling of a “compact” and cohesive work. From a “band” that has been working on the songs and has been working on them and polishing them. I don't see any of that. I am not saying that the topics are bad, because they are not, but except for some good thrash machacón riff and interesting fast parts the rest has left me a somewhat bitter taste in my mouth. The album has not conveyed good feelings to me. The truth is that the production is not that wonderful either and those drums (I'll be good and think that they are not programmed) have a sound that leaves a lot to be desired, being buried under the guitars precisely in the parts in which they do the most. lack. The last song, “Let It Be Known”, which is like a kind of western ballad, seems to me quite mediocre and nothing memorable as the culmination of an album that I see full of good intentions but that suffers from the “metal project syndrome”, and it is that I see everything very little basting and too aseptic. I don't care if it's a studio project, because I know records so I love them, but the songs do not make me vibrate even after several listens so that the album "rests" a little in my head. And having two singers who sound quite similar has really puzzled me a bit. 

I just read that Ryan is now part of RITUAL SERVANT, a Christian thrash band that in 2019 released that great album called “Metal Evangelii” which was one of my favorite international works. I wish him the best in this regard and I have no doubt that he will have a lot to contribute to the South Carolina band. 

Despite everything, “Death Of The Gunman” is a quality thrash / groove album that more than one may like. Unfortunately for me it has not managed to hook me by missing more cohesive elements, catchier themes and a more forceful production according to the style in question. 6/10 - Necromance Magazine

Well we made it to the end of the year, and what a crazy year it has been. Aside from all the craziness, Roxx Records still kept the music coming with almost 40 new releases this year. Many of which have been brand new artists and brand new music. And we are not quite done yet….

Roxx Records is excited to announce our last full release for 2020 the brand new release from Atlanta’s very own Motivik. How do you say Motivik? (MOE-TEE-VICK) what does Motivik mean? Motivik is derived from the word Motive. And what is the Motive of Motivik? To rock you hard with a message of hope and encouragement for a lost generation.

Motivik features Ryan Roebuck handling the music and vocals and Courtney Simmons on vocals. That’s right dual vocalists, modeled in a way much like Gary Lenaire and Guy Ritter from Tourniquet except they pretty evenly share the vocal duties. If you ask Motivik what there sound is like or what their style is they would say they are ‘Melodic Groove Thrash’. A little more on the thrashy side if you ask us, especially when you listen to the bands cover song from Sacrament ‘Souls in Torment’ featuring a guest appearance from Sacrament’s very own Robert Wolfe. Check out a sample of the track here.

Well we are happy to be bringing you the bands debut full length effort entitled, “Death of the Gunman” and it will be coming your way before the end of 2020! If you love thrash, groove, doom and rock all spun together and cooked up with catchy hooks be sure to pick up a copy!

The first single and lyric video are out now and have recently been serviced to magazine and radio. Check out the first single ‘Away’ and request it wherever they play hard and heavy Christian music.

This one is right around the corner and releasing officially on December 18 just in time for Christmas. Pre orders are live now and at the incredibly low introductory price of $9.99 Pre Order Here!

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