Ignited - Steelbound - Reviewed By Jenny Tate! Wednesday May 12 2021, 8:12 PM
Ignited - Steelbound - Reviewed By Jenny Tate!

Ignited - Steelbound - Reviewed By Jenny Tate ! Check it out here at this link: https://jennytate.wordpress.com/2021/05/12/ignited-steelbound/

Ignited formed in 2017, with one aim – to play melodic heavy metal. Their journey began with a debut EP and grew, from there, to an album. ‘Steelbound’ was produced at Estudio Fusao, by Thiago Bianchi (ex-Shaman, Noturnall), with legendary artist Gustavo Sazes designing the cover art. (Manowar, Arch Enemy, Morbid Angel).

‘Steelbound’ is lyrically diverse, attempting to create genuine, direct links with audiences, via metaphorical delivery. The album captures the classic heavy metal sound, with a new wave angle. An accompanying video and lyric video complete the package. ‘Steelbound’ is accessible, in physical format, in Brazil, via Voice Music and also online.

Ignition – Pure steel intro. Heavy metal class. Enforcer-esque vocals scream in your face and straight off, it’s echoic of Judas Priest, stylistically and impressively so. Drum sounds play with the brilliantly screeching riffage, sporting well-placed tremolo. A direct hit of classy, faultless old school metal).

Pain – Crashing drums open, followed by powerful vocals, moving seamlessly, between screams and melodic style sounds, joined by anthemic group backing vocals and this is true Priest-esque territory. Just delightfully tantalising your metallic senses, with delicious metal manna from heaven. Bending those sounds, with whammy and vibrato, singing out and ending on solid, pounding drums.

Steelbound – A drumming volley intro’s, onto a great melodic metal landscape. Again, it’s so startlingly Halford-esque, it could almost pass for Rob, himself. Even a few DIO-esque touches, in there. Everything in here just flows, feeding your senses, so smoothly and enticingly. Proper riff mastery going on here. Those drums get heavier and heavier, till the end.

Living In The Dark – Such a smooth, seamless intro. Very rhythmic, containing just enough darkness, surrounded by anthemic, echoed shouts, interplaying with those incredible Halford-esque vocals. Hitting those screams, with absolute pitch perfect precision, as the riffs continue to sing. Building, enrapturing melodies play out, as the riffs scream, right to that incredible vocal fade-out.

Call Me To Run – Huge, thunderous intro. Once more, it’s so Priest-esque, it’s almost implausible. Absolutely flawless production, performance and atmosphere to kill the biggest doubts. Those melodies just drive it on, with endless energy. Great bit of wobble, 3/4 in and it just hits the top, every time. True genius.

Times – Changing down, to a lower, but still groove filled tone. More narrative style here, with clear emotion and still, it’s heavy enough to retain strong listenability. Hinting at the edge of poignancy, with that gorgeous combo of compatible sounds, whilst never losing the groove. So melodic and the heaviness returns, at the mid-section. Loving that faster paced riff, laying it down, till the end.

Ground Pounding – Aptly titled track, instantly living up to its name. Adding a slight tangy edge to the vocals here, resonant of Axl Rose’s ‘G’N’R’ ‘UYI’ era. Big, anthemic backing shouts just add to the already huge atmosphere. Pushing the vocals to the hilt. Drums joining those backing echoed shouts, matching the mood and hitting harder and harder rhythms. Pushing those vocals higher, again, till everything synchronises, fading out on solid riffs and direct drum hits.

Shining Void – Teasing intro, hinting at mystery and creeping menace, in the darkness. Taking the vocals down, to lower tones, before hitting screaming pitch, once more and still, it never ever loses that shining Halford echo. Gloriously sensual screaming riffs, singing to you, at the mid-point. The whole sound builds, again, laying down more riff groove and pounding drum beats. Very fluid track, needing no assistance, as it swims to an end.

Roaring Gears – Straight off heavy-metal feeling, here). The stuff of car race tracks and just a deliciously metallic number, performed at a mercilessly fast pace. Everything shines here, to the max. Sharp acuity just cuts through the air, with searing edged riffs, massive drum hits and enlivening vocal screams. Abrupt, cuttingly defined end.

Rotting – Drums intro, with assertive hits. A slight darkness creeps into the vocals, in places, interplaying with the lighter sections. Driven by the riffs, again, with a few aggressive shouts thrown in. Frantic, crushing heavy pace. Just channelling Halford, once again and so successfully. Such tasty grooves to those riffs, it takes you straight to metal heaven. Always melodic, sexy fast rhythms, unhesitant confidence and style, everything you could want. Blitzing its way through the track, with those sexy riffs, marrying with the hugely powerful vocals, ending on a slamming drum finale.

Overall – An enthralling, captivating thrill ride, from start to end, ‘Steelbound’ is a winning formula, with all the right noises. Exceeding expectations, throughout, it screams metal, inside out. Definitely sitting amongst the top albums of 2021, so far.

10/10 ********** - Jenny Tate

For fans of Judas Priest, Manowar, King Diamond

In January of 2017 the musicians Dalton Castro and Maurício Velasco decided to create Ignited, a band with the proposal to play energetic heavy metal with great melodies. To complete the lineup, they invited Denis Lima and Sama Benedet , and together finished the first songs which would become a EP to introduce them to the music scene, but with new ideas flowing it naturally became something bigger and they decided it was time to start the pre-production of a full-length. 

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Between April and August of 2019 the band went to Estúdio Fusão , a studio owned by Thiago Bianchi (ex-Shaman, Noturnall) , to record “ Steelbound ”, and having Thiago responsible for the production, mixing and mastering. For the artwork they partnered with Gustavo Sazes , a veteran Brazilian artist who previously worked with names like Manowar , Arch Enemy and Morbid Angel

In its lyrics, " Steelbound " addresses different subjects and experiences that are brought to the listener through metaphors, seeking an authentic connection with the fans, giving them the opportunity to make their own personal interpretations of each song. 

Ignited ’s debut album delivers energetic and catchy melodies to make fans bang their heads, with a sonority described by critics as “inspired by traditional heavy metal , but with identity and modern approach”. After making it available on digital platforms and release a video and a lyric video, the band signed a deal with Voice Music to make a physical release of the album in Brazil in June of 2020. According to Silvio Golfetti ( Korzus ), the label’s owner: “ Ignited has a captivating sound, with a lot of weight and technique. Made for those who love the best and purest heavy metal !”.  

- Denis Lima - Vocals - Dalton Castro - Guitars  - Sama Benedet - Bass - Maurício Velasco - Drums 

Site: www.ignitedmetal.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/ignitedofficialband

Instagram: www.instagram.com/ignited_official

Youtube: www.youtube.com/IgnitedOfficial

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/2UL0OmG9OyXhGoSPR3xGjJ?si=cOLnDB9nTDSqo6CrWjQEFA

Apple: https://music.apple.com/us/album/steelbound/1485773048

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