Necralant - Temples Of Ruin - Reviewed By Death Metal Underground! Friday April 30 2021, 11:31 AM
Necralant - Temples Of Ruin - Reviewed By Death Metal Underground!

Necralant - Temples Of Ruin - Reviewed By Death Metal Underground ! Check it out here at this link:

Written very much in the flowing style of middle period Darkthrone with an emphasis on varied structure that might have come easily from a Celtic Frost work, this band trudges and powerdives its way through riffs that are cut from similar cloth rhythmically but remain distinctive through fragmentary melody.

Almost any melody from this album leads back to Darkthrone Total Death and early Behemoth, as do the riffs which strum chords in slower tremolo, producing a sense of unreality. Songs avoid predictability, and vary their most successful riffs enough to keep them as rare moments of clarity.

While very little black metal at this point attempts to write songs, Necralant aim for a different sonic experience full of internal contrast with each track, and put together an album that while not immediately exciting in its parts creates a protean atmosphere that keeps interest. - Death Metal Underground

Necralant 's second album, " Temples of Ruin ", is a deeper, darker look into the great abyss of black/death metal, unveiling and evoking the Black Flame of the Left Hand Path and it's mysteries. Featuring seven new hymns of blackened metal mysticism and ritualistic poetry, the listener is sure to be captured by the macabre rhythms, haunting melodies and hellish beckoning of this sophomore offering.

For fans of  Carpathian Forest, Watain, Mayhem, Dark Throne

Released April 22, 2021

Nolan - all instruments
Mictain - vocals
All music and lyrics written by Nolan Harold
Mixed, mastered and produced by Marc Vray Jr
Brought to you by Upside Underground Productions


1. Serpent's Return 04:09
2. Cursed Visions 03:13
3. The Procession 02:52
4. Dwell Within the Flesh 05:15
5. Diabolic Conception 04:30
6. As We Wander 03:17
7. Temples of Ruin 04:31

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