BUNKER 66 premiere new track at MetalBite.com Thursday April 8 2021, 6:16 PM
BUNKER 66 premiere new track at MetalBite.com

Today, Italian metalpunk institution  Bunker 66  premiere the new track   "The Rite of the Goat"   at heavily trafficked web-portal   MetalBite.com . The track is   the third to be revealed   from the band's highly anticipated fourth album,   Beyond the Help of Prayers , set for international release on April 30th via  Dying Victims Productions Hear  Bunker 66 's "The Rite of the Goat" in its entirety exclusively  HERE .
Since 2007, Italy’s   Bunker 66  have been proudly (and prolifically) flying the flag of ‘80s metalpunk, all in the beloved power-trio format. Of course, the joint influence of Motörhead and Venom looms large, but equally so do homeland heroes Bulldozer, the UK’s Warfare, early Running Wild, early Bathory and Slayer, later Anti-Cimex, metal-era Gang Green, and any ‘80s recordings from Discharge and Exciter. With this robust and rust-covered foundation firmly in place,   Bunker 66  recorded a trio of cult albums for High Roller Records as well as a grip of splits with the likes of Italy’s Barbarian and Morbo, Brazil’s Whipstriker, and most recently Scotland’s Vuil. Simply put, they’re a cult band for cult fanatics – and we wouldn’t have it any other way!

Now, a couple years on from that last-mentioned split with Vuil comes   Bunker 66 ’s long-awaited fourth album,   Beyond the Help of Prayers . The band’s first full-length in four years and second with the lineup of co-founders vocalist/bassist Damien Thorne and drummer Dee Dee Altar alongside ex-Schizo guitarist J.J. Priestkiller,   Beyond the Help of Prayers   is a refreshing blast of old air! Right from the opening, galloping minutes of “To the Gates of Death – Lair of the Profaner,” this is 666%   Bunker 66  through and through – all those above influences, all sliced and diced with the deft touch of devotees, but always brimming with a charisma that’s undeniable – and thereafter do the hits keep on coming. But, while one could say that   Beyond the Help of Prayers   is business as usual for the band (and we’d still love it), the album sees   Bunker 66  taking on subtly more epic touches, ones that feel almost swords & sorcery without being obvious about it, or perhaps the post-apocalyptic wasteland vibes of Dee Dee Altar’s time in Children of Technology played a significant role? Naturally, the trio keep their noses deep within their realms of the black here, and while they’re undoubtedly dirtier and more blasphemous than ever,   Bunker 66  arguably receive their best-sounding production on   Beyond the Help of Prayers , which thankfully only maximizes their power that much more.

You can’t teach old dogs new tricks, and the same be said – STUNNINGLY – for   Bunker 66 , for they’re   Beyond the Help of Prayers !

Hear the next new old-trick "The Rite of the Goat" exclusively  HERE , courtesy of MetalBite.com. Hear the first new old-tricks with the previously revealed "The Blackest of Omens" exclusively  HERE , courtesy of  Zero Tolerance  magazine, and the previously revealed "To the Gates of Death / Lair of the Profaner"   exclusively  HERE , courtesy of  Deaf Forever , magazine.   Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Bunker 66's  Beyond the Help of Prayers
1. To The Gates Of Death / Lair of the Profaner
2. The Blackest Of Omens
3. The Rite Of The Goat
4. Summon The Evil Lords
5. At Our Master's Behest
6. Malicious...Seditious
7. Regret Every Breath
8. Die On Monday
9. Beyond The Help Of Prayers


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