LA MERDE set release date for SIGNAL REX debut, reveal new video Thursday April 8 2021, 6:13 PM
LA MERDE set release date for SIGNAL REX debut, reveal new video

Today,   Signal Rex   announces June 21st as the international release date for   La Merde 's highly anticipated debut album,  La Vie en Noir , on vinyl LP format.

Hailing from Belgium,   La Merde  have been blending classic neofolk with industrial electronics since 2018.   La Merde  combines fact and fiction in an anachronistic collage of the past into a contemporary creation of sound and image. They are storytellers in an abstract sense, conjuring an aural vision, both real and imagined, of our past, present, and future. By wielding a DIY ethos and using a wide range of instruments, they've created a sound that is both formed from soil yet otherworldly.

With tragedy and misery as the guiding principle,  La Merde  guide you through the eternal collapse of the world. As of 2021, they've released sought-after tapes and joined the stage with the esteemed likes of Rome, Awen, and By The Spirits. And now arrives  La Vie en Noir,  La Merde 's debut full-length. Both consolidating and eclipsing those prized short-length predecessors,  La Vie en Noir  lays bare a sumptuous soundscape that spans autumnal splendor and simmering tension, bitter repose and stifled violence. Each of the 43-minute album's dozen songs offers its own unique snapshot, and the duo thread all of it together with unified purpose and poignant dynamics. In short, it's everything - and more - a long-form   La Merde  recording has promised to be, brimming with a dark gorgeousness that's engrossing to the very end.

While neofolk and classic industrial seem like strange bedfellows for   Signal Rex , the label dutifully seeks darkness in its forms.   La Merde  begin their Thelemic march with  La Vie en Noir  - love under will, and love is the law!

Begin that march with the brand-new video for "A Flower That Once Has Bloomed Forever Dies"   HERE   at  Signal Rex 's official YouTube channel. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for La Merde's  La Vie en Noir
1. Voor ons Zielezaligheid
2. Le Miroir
3. Under a Black Sun
4. Waar de Eerste Sterren Beven
5. Wading Through Black Waves
7. Trompeter
8. Am Rande der Nacht
9. La Vie en Noir
10. A Flower That Once Has Bloomed Forever Dies
11. Dead Among the Dead
12. Het Gladde Mom der Dood



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