WAIL: “Civilization Maximus” - Reviewed By Rocka Rolla Web Zine! Friday April 2 2021, 10:21 AM
WAIL: “Civilization Maximus” - Reviewed By Rocka Rolla Web Zine!

WAIL: “Civilization Maximus” - Reviewed By Rocka Rolla Web Zine ! Check it out here at this link: http://rockarollazine.blogspot.com/2021/02/wail-civilization-maximus-2020.html

Wail, self-proclaimed as "the apocalypse preachers of the civilized world responsible for global warming, epidemics and commercial radio", is a standard Norwegian heavy metal band with melodic, powerful and correctly executed sound. Shrouded in an aura of supposed mystery, the combo, formed in the city of Lillehammer in 2015, launched its debut film entitled "Resilient" in 2018 and in the middle of last year published its new "Civilization Maximus". In this second work all the protagonism falls on the overwhelming voice of the enigmatic singer "The Singer" (Joakim Jøreng) who slavishly traces the vocal style of Bruce Dickinson. And it is this aspect that is the Achilles curtain that I find in the album: the abusive literality of his voice with that of the Iron Maiden singer,
But be careful, that the branches do not prevent us from seeing the forest: it is not a bad job at all! The album begins to roll with Down The Mountain , a piece that treasures a good riff to which is added the drawing of the lead guitar -a constant that will be repeated throughout the album-, a successful bridge and an indisputable voice “Dickinsonian” influence running wild. The hard rock start of Endless Repetition connects with a more broken guitar line and voice and leads to the excellent chorus where the backing vocals share the limelight with The Singer's throat. Presage has a contemporary choppy beat, portentous drums, and the anonymous singer's most versatile performance, then Through The Ice opens fire with a fast guitar game characteristic of Hammerfall, slows down with the arrival of the first verse and gives way to a second groundbreaking that will take us to the catchy chorus preceded in one of its turns by a fantastic high note.
A thick riff gives No Hesitation an air of halftime where the voice sounds much more velvety and shines in the dark and perfectly basted central interlude - another of the resources that the band has not stopped using in many cuts-, while You've Got Nothing has some intense verses that lead up to the phenomenal main verse with the choral voices and the main one giving the reply. Manherder's
grim and infectious cadence Glows bright thanks to the intense, excellently woven chorus, Overwhelming helps keep the pulse without contributing too much and the epic choruses of the homonymous Civilization Maximus inexorably dismiss the plastic and the last vestiges of humanity.
Wail are still a young band, in full growth and with a handful of lessons to live and from which to learn. So, taking as a simile the Roman circus that inspired the cover and putting ourselves figuratively in the shoes of those emperors who with the gesture of their thumb dictated judgment on the fate of the defeated fighter, I confess that after repeatedly listening to this “Civilization Maximus My finger is still struggling to give a firm verdict. - Rocka Rolla Web Zine

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FFO: Ghost, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Candlemass

Satire. A word that lost it's weight the day the world became so obscure that yesterday's satirical content became the news of the day. It’s time to step up the game.

Enter Wail

The cultiest of cultist cult bands, a Norwegian heavy metal quintet best known as preachers of the 'apocalypse of the civilized world' as well as being observed claiming responsibility for catastrophes such as global warming, epidemics and commercial radio. They seem to be using their mesmerizing heavy metal music to lure young and old into their cultist organization.

A spokesman of the group has been quoted with the following comment regarding the choice of musical direction: "I’m intelligent. Some people would say I’m very, very, very intelligent. According to my research, heavy metal is the most commercially available, sexy and danceable genre out there. It was quite obvious really".

The band has been nurtured, cultivated and refined to be able to write, perform and seduce on a level that few can assert to. This under close observation of the terrifying and quite flamboyant front man that goes under the name «The Singer».

Wail has been getting recognition as a hard working live band on both festival and club scenes, and the response is usually in the vein of 'International standard' and 'who or what the hell are these people?'. The group prefer not to discuss the latter.

The dust has just settled after their debut album «Resilient» 2018. Produced by Kjartan Hestehaugen and Ronni Le Tekrø (TNT). 

The follow up album, produced by Titan Labs studio/Riccardo Daga «Civilization Maximus» features 9 tracks circulating a theme of manipulation/indoctrination as the band ventures deeper into the antagonistic rabbit hole. 

Wail has been getting recognition as a hard working live band on both festival and club scenes, and the response is usually in the vein of 'International standard' and 'who or what the hell are these people?'. The group prefer not to discuss the latter. Get ready to rejoice in salvation, tribalism and an oblique glance at extremism.
You are hereby invited to partake in song, a secret, a promises of eternal life, presented by the masterful crossroad salesmen of Wail whom might not be as glamorous as they make themselves out to be.

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