MARTHYRIUM set release date for BLACKSEED debut, reveal first track! Tuesday March 21 2017, 9:09 PM
MARTHYRIUM set release date for BLACKSEED debut, reveal first track!

Today, BlackSeed Productions sets June 2nd as the international release date for Marthyrium's highly anticipated debut album, Beyond the Thresholds.

Marthyrium began to walk this tortuous path in the fall of 2006, over the ashes of lost and forgotten projects of Tharngrist and Cannibal, the unique foundators that still are a part of the Trinity of the Beast, a path that is still being traveled nowadays without signs of ending.

The first Revelation came forth under the title of Rites of Vengeance & Darkness in the middle of 2007, released on tape format by the band themselves and limited to 250 handnumbered copies. Then, Antichristian Front Records released a CD version with an extra track, different artwork, and limited to 100 handnumbered copies. Both releases are totally sold out. In the fall of 2016, as a tribute to a decade of blasphemy and darkness, ChristFuckingChrist Records re-released Rites of Vengeance & Darkness on tape format, limited to 66 handnumbered copies, with completely new artwork begotten by César Valladares and inspired in the old layout.

The second Revelation came forth under the title of Morbid Omen of Devastation in the middle of 2009, released as a 7" EP by Antichristian Front Records and limited to 500 handnumbered copies.

Marthyrium's lineup changed several times after the release of Morbid Omen of Devastation. In 2011, Balc (Balmog, Banished From Inferno) becomes the 4 Sepulchral String rapist, closing the circle, and the Trinity of the Beast was complete again. After this impasse, the band continued traveling the path of Darkness.

The third Revelation came forth under the title of Psalms of Plagues & Cult of Death as a 7" gatefold split in conspiracy with Ered and released by Negra Nit Distro in the middle of 2014, limited to 500 copies.

Beyond the Thresholds is the fourth Revelation, the first complete album after X years of Devotion. The Abomination has been summoned, the Beast has been unchained… Thus, we enshrine our flesh as the temple of Thy perpetual Fire.


Feel the first Fire with the track "Abominations" at BlackSeed's Bandcamp HERE

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