Instrumental Duo STELLAR DEATH Release Ambient EP 'Knowledge of Enceladus' Saturday March 27 2021, 6:56 PM
Instrumental Duo STELLAR DEATH Release Ambient EP 'Knowledge of Enceladus'

Washington D.C. Instrumental Duo  STELLAR DEATH  have released new ambient EP  Knowledge of Enceladus  on   Bravemusic , the band's own label. The music was inspired by Saturn’s ice moon ‘Enceladus,’ and takes you on an almost meditative sonic journey, as if you are exploring its frozen, reflective surface firsthand. 

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The band released the following statement concerning the new EP:

"First and foremost, thank you for supporting our music over the past year and for all of the great feedback on our debut album  Fragments of Light .   You never know what to expect when forming a new music project, and the response so far has exceeded our expectations.  

We’d now like to introduce you to our new ambient EP  Knowledge of Enceladus . As with our debut full-length, this music was written based on particular ideas and themes within astronomy; specifically, Saturn’s ice moon ‘Enceladus.’ We wanted to narrow our focus on this recording, and really consider the vibe and atmosphere (no pun intended) of this incredibly reflective moon. It is thought that Enceladus could even host life within its icy surface.  

While this EP is mostly ambient, we are not necessarily veering in this direction overall. In fact, we are working on another full-length which ventures back to our metallic roots, delving even more into the post-progressive aspects of our debut. More to follow on this as progress is made. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy  Knowledge of Enceladus ."

Track Listing :

1) There is Movement Beneath the Ice

2) It Emerges from the Horizon Unending

3) Dissolution from the Void

*4) New Return

*Bandcamp exclusive

All music recorded, mixed and mastered at House Nine.


STELLAR DEATH  is a Washington, DC-based instrumental music project for the varied influences and inspirations of members Scott Loose and Matt Kozar. The two have collaborated musically for nearly 15 years, primarily through their band  BRAVE . Although there is much appreciation and love for the music they have created through  BRAVE , Scott and Matt sought a path not constrained by the structure and expectations that come with a band that has existed for over 20 years. Their collective desire to create instrumental music that focuses on specific themes, while drawing from their appreciation of film scores, led to the creation of  STELLAR DEATH  in November 2019. The project affords them the ability to fully explore different musical landscapes and sonic textures. Thus far they have dabbled with ambient and electronic soundscapes, embraced and elaborated on their progressive rock foundations, and further explored the tension and dynamics of post rock and post metal.  STELLAR DEATH  has only just started to venture into new and exciting musical areas that attempt to merge all of these varied influences into a unique experience for the listener.


Matt Kozar - Guitars and Keys
Matt has played guitar for over 25 years and for numerous bands/projects. Matt currently plays in the progressive rock band BRAVE and has contributed to the varied cinematic atmospheres and doom metal offerings of WITNESSES.
Scott Loose - Guitars, Keys and Percussive Offerings
Scott is a composer and multi-instrumentalist, whose primary instrument is guitar. He has played in a number of bands since the 1990s. Scott is a founding member of ARISE FROM THORNS/BRAVE, and is an active member of AS THE SEA PARTS and WHILE HEAVEN WEPT.

EP Session Player:

Ben Kelly - bass guitar

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