Watchman - Doom Of Babylon - Reviewed By Adrenaline Armory! Wednesday March 17 2021, 5:15 AM
Watchman - Doom Of Babylon - Reviewed By Adrenaline Armory!

Watchman - Doom Of Babylon - Reviewed By Adrenaline Armory ! Check it out here at this link:

Multi-instrumentalist, producer, and audio engineer Roy Waterford is no slouch. He’s spanned many genres, worked with numerous big names in the music industry, and has been prolific in creating music of all kinds. So, it’s no surprise that this album straight up answers the age-old question: “Does it Doom?”

The answer? Yes, yes it fucking does!!

This solo project is HEAVY. Rooted in the sludgy waters of early doom from bands like Black Sabbath, Uncle Acid and The Deadbeats, and Electric Wizard, “Doom of Babylon” is an album that hits every doom related note with an amount of fuzz that’d make a yeti jealous. The riffage is tight. The tone is dark and sinister. The vocals are buried and sound as if from a grave. This entire album just does it for me because right when you think you can hear the influence from one band, he layers on another, and another in a bluesy, psychedelic ground pounder.

All in all, this album throws its weight right into your neck, and you can’t help but throw up the horns and headbang. Three songs have been released as a standalone E.P. which can be found on YouTube and Bandcamp under Watchman. - Production: 10/10  Vocals: 10/10  Instrumentation: 10/10 - Fuzz Factor: 11/10 - Total: 11/10 - Adrenaline Armory


In his 10 years in the music scene Roy Waterford has amassed many accomplishments. In his early days in the hip hop scene he shared stages with such acts as Mac Miller, Freddie Gibbs, and Ghostface Killah. More recently in the jam band scene he played several music festivals and toured the U.S for roughly two years. After departing from touring, he set his sights on Reggae music, writing and recording an album in three months and signing with an independent label in Cyprus. Now Roy has returned to his musical roots: heavy metal. Inspired by iconic bands like Black Sabbath and Uncle Acid and The Deadbeats, Waterford has created the musical persona of Watchman, and it is under this title that he will be releasing his debut album, “Doom of Babylon”.

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Watchman is the brainchild of multi-instrumentalist, producer, and audio engineer Roy Waterford. Drawing inspiration from Black Sabbath, Electric Wizard, and Sleep among others, his debut album “Doom of Babylon” is a product of the artists’ bluesy, psychedelic rock influences channeled into eight heavy doom metal tracks. 

Check out the E.P. Behold A Pale Horse, featuring 3 tracks from the upcoming LP Doom Of Babylon

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