New Promo: Cynik Scald - Darkness and Light - (Heavy Metal) Saturday March 13 2021, 12:53 PM
New Promo: Cynik Scald - Darkness and Light - (Heavy Metal)

Cynik Scald 's single ' Darkness and Light ' combines furious strength and incredible tenderness. By sound it's close to Brothers of metal , Orden Ogan , Mygrain . The combination of two vocals reflects the battle between demon and angel, darkness and light in a human's soul on the edge between life and death, faith and despair.

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CYNIK SCALD is a multicultural Heavy Metal/Melodic Metal/PowerMetal/Metalcore band with their own original lyrics and music. Cynik Scald’s music has its own sound which can be described as an exciting mixture of heavy metal and folk songs with a pinch of industrial/power metal and a flavor of Viking Metal/DeathMetalcore tunes. Their music is similar to CREMATORY, MUDVAYNE, GHOST, ALESTORM, AMON AMARTH and some vibes of LAMB OF GOD, MOTÖRHEAD.

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