Firing Squad premieres "Police State of Mind" at Metal-Rules! Monday November 9 2020, 12:00 AM
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Firing Squad premieres "Police State of Mind" at Metal-Rules!

Firing Squad is premiering their latest single at Metal Rules which the link can be found here:

Album announcement:

Firing Squad is a Thrash Metal band hailing from Woodstock, New York. Blending influences ranging from Megadeth to Dead Kennedys, while adding their own unique approach to the genre, Firing Squad unleash onto the world a Modern Thrash with old school roots that stands the test of time and has the potential to raise the eyebrows of Thrash enthusiasts around the world. A penchant for highly political lyrics, Firing Squad's songs are as catchy as they are punishingly aggressive. 
Firing Squad adds: "Police State of Mind" was written at the height of the protests calling for systemic change in the justice system this year. This track is aimed at the willfully ignorant who somehow still believe that Police have the the public's best interest at heart."

Formed in 2019, the band has already shared the stage with the likes of Death Angel, Mothership, Pathology, and Pyrexia. 

Firing Squad single - “Police State of Mind” releases November 10th, 2020. Self release.
Firing Squad is:
Will Lange (Vocals, Lead Guitar)
Jack Weiss (Rhythm Guitar)
Elliot Mangione (Bass)
Alan Rosenbaum (Drums)

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