Where to Buy Skate Bearings for Best Value Tuesday March 2 2021, 5:08 AM
Where to Buy Skate Bearings for Best Value

If you are into skating, you probably want to know where to buy skate bearings and how to identify the best ones. The best place to buy skate bearings is the one with the best selection, best prices and a knowledgeable staff of skaters who can point you to the best skate bearings for your needs. 

The best place to buy good quality bearings at a good price also have information you need to know about bearings so you can make a good decision: 

First of all, you should understand that all skateboard bearings are measured by an ABEC rating system, which is used on all bearings produced in the world. The higher the rating, the more precise and accurate the bearing is. The ratings are as follows: 

  • ABEC 1: These are the cheapest bearings, the crudest and least accurate. The steel is low quality. These bearings may be found in cheap skateboards. 
  • ABEC 3: These bearings also are lower quality and cheaper and do not roll quickly or smoothly. 
  • ABEC 5: These are standard bearings for most skateboards. This rating gets you a good bearing with good performance at a fair price. 
  • ABEC 7: These are very smooth, fast and cost more. 
  • ABEC 9: These are extremely fast and expensive. They are ideal for downhill skaters and those who want to hit top speeds

When you are looking for good skateboard bearings that are a good value, you should first consider steel bearings. The quality of the steel, the sealing and the ball bearings vary by brand. Generally, the more expensive the bearings, the higher the quality of the steel. 

Cheaper steel bearings tend to be made of lower-cost materials. If you get a more expensive steel bearing, you can tell the difference. A higher-quality steel bearing will skate faster and smoother for sure. 

If you want to get the best performance for more money, you should buy ceramic bearings. They are very smooth, with little friction and do not expand in the heat. They are more expensive but do not require much maintenance and will not rust. 

These bearings are the best for serious skaters who want top performance. Otherwise, consider good quality steel bearings for solid performance at a lower price. 

Now that you understand what you need to know about bearings, you should go to the best shop you can find to get the bearings you need. 

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