Split Screen Management - born out of the abrupt change in the Entertainment world! Inbox blog Monday February 22 2021, 5:54 AM
Split Screen Management - born out of the abrupt change in the Entertainment world! Inbox blog

Split Screen Management - born out of the abrupt change in the Entertainment world!

Split Screen Management  was born out of the abrupt change in the Entertainment world. We realised that future of entertainment is to take the existing and putting it together in a new way: adapt or perish.

“Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible.” -Frank Zappa

The Pandemic has changed everything. The challenge is to step back and look hard at how to change the formula to remedy the damage the pandemic has done. 

It’s very clear that we are not going back to how things where before the world changed forever!

With this in mind, we at Split Screen Management and Production have been working hard to find new solutions and ideas  for our clients, to help them prosper and allow them to be able to do what they love.

The show must go on; world needs entertainment more than ever

Split Screen Management - part of Split Screen Productions

To create new you have to let go of the old; so with this in mind we, Tarja Virmakari and Roberto Risso, have departed from their old management and join forces with Kimmo Kuusniemi, Eugene O’Connor and Sakari Heiskanen.

Kimmo Kuusniemi: “The Entertainment business has always been a hard world to survive in and Covid 19 has made it exponentially more challenging.

Tarja Virmakari asked us to join forces with her and Roberto Risso to form a new kind of Artist and Band Management company. At Split Screen Productions we thought this would be an interesting challenge to use our combined extensive experience in music and media productions in a new way.”

Tarja Virmakari: “I and Roberto Risso have worked together on the band and artist management for years. We realised the old management we worked for was not up to the new challenges, so joining forces with Kimmo and Split Screen Productions was a fantastic opportunity to create something new, something designed for the world after pandemic. Everything falls together in a perfect way.”

Eugene O’Connor: “I have worked for years in the high end of the live music productions with names as Tom Petty, Rush, Madonna, Foo Fighters to mention just a few. This pandemic is changing everything and we need new solutions for the future of live entertainment. We at the Split Screen Production and Management have some tricks up our sleeves to create new solutions for live performances.”

Sakari Heiskanen: “I worked for years in TV broadcasting, it taught me all the ins and outs of live and studio productions. We are now facing a completely new technical landscape for live and recorded performances, which is why I now specialise in streaming productions. Together with Kimmo and Eugene, we have the complete set of skills to create new and innovative solutions for the future streaming productions.”



Kimmo Kuusniemi - Manager

Extensive expertise in music and film production is Kimmo’s superpower

Kimmo is a self taught in all aspects: as a guitarist, sound engineer, music producer, film director, producer, cameraman, editor... He did it the hard way, learning from his mistakes.

As a musician and filmmaker Kimmo has worked worldwide. He is great at adapting to cultural differences, analysing problems and solving them promptly.

Kimmo is a great motivator, always positive, persistent and enthusiastic!

With his knowledge of ALL ASPECTS of productions and marketing he is the right person to guide and lead any project through avoiding the pit holes in the business.

Eugene O’Connor - DOP, Lighting Designer and Director

As a freelance Filmmaker, Director and Lighting Designer Eugene has worked with many bands and artists including Black Sabbath, Andre Bocelli, Paul McCartney, Prince, Tom Petty, Mumford and Sons, Prince, Alicia Keyes.

For over 20 years Eugene has been Lighting Designer on MTV’s World Stage series with artists such as Lady Gaga, Kings of Leon, Ellie Goulding, David Guetta, The Cure and Snoop Dogg just to mention a few.

As well as shooting and directing many music promos and documentaries Eugene has many long form videos under his belt as director including Tom Petty’s final dvd which was filmed in Seattle in 2017.

Tarja Virmakari - Media Director

Tarja has worked in promotion and journalism around the Europe. She realised early on that while many musicians/bands have valuable skills and fantastic music to share they lack time or skills to promote themselves.

With her positivity and endless enthusiasm she has fine tuned her band promoting skills to fineart; get the music heard and name known. 

She is also brilliant keeping everything shipshape!

Roberto Risso - A/R Manager 

Roberto has developed his skills and knowledge during the years, first of all as drummer and then as A&R, working for important agencies around the world. 

He is best known and appreciated for his attitude, passion, enthusiasm and professionality to recruit new talents and to help them to reach their goals.

Always ready and hungry to new challenges in this fascinating world of music business.

Sakari Heiskanen - Producer, Director and Storyteller

Sakari is a seasoned media producer with background in journalism, TV entertainment and book publishing. Actually, he was born under the table of his art director dad. He is a transmedia veteran: lately he has been working a lot on event streams and podcast production.

He has a BA in media production – with a thesis on virtual reality.

Sakari is now working on several of our future documentary / TV series projects.

We are prepared for everything

Split Screen Management and Production can help you with everything relating to entertainment business: crowdfunding, streaming, music videos, designs, funds, bookings, legal, mixing and mastering, distribution…

For more information, please contact Tarja Virmakari via email: tarja@splitscreen-management.com!

Stay Positive, Stay Creative

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