“Disinfect The Soul” Is The Vicious New Music Video From Without Mercy’s New Album “Seismic” Wednesday October 7 2020, 7:10 PM
“Disinfect The Soul” Is The Vicious New Music Video From Without Mercy’s New Album “Seismic”

L-R – Ryan Loewen (Bass) DJ Temple (Guitars) Alex Friis (Vocals) Matt Helie (Drums)
Photo Credit: Shimon Karmel

Without Mercy  have an unrelenting new release coming out in November, and to properly prepare listeners for the rage within, they are releasing their music video for the single  "Disinfect The Soul"  today on October 7th. 

The new release intends to give fans a new perspective on the band and their interpretation of world events. The listening experience per single is meant to be cathartic and concerning all at once while the album in its entirety will take the listener on a journey of self-discovery and self-analysis.

“Disinfect the Soul”  is a vicious song whose lyrical content cannot be summarized. Listeners are strongly suggested to read the lyrics and make their own interpretations. This song went through many evolutions and rotations only to end up being shelved originally for the record. However, during pre-production, it was dusted off and a new found vigor among the band transformed it into this monstrous 7min adventure.  Without Mercy  goes into detail:

“The song features a guest solo by our good friend, Chris Broderick who ended up taking this to an entirely new level with his own interpretation of melody and context. It is one of our setlist favourites. It features a plethora of feel changes, riff changes, and even a blood-curdling outro. It will make the listener question standard composition.” 

“Disinfect The Soul”  can be heard and watched via its premiere on  NoCleanSinging  HERE .

Intelligent and complex, the new album as a whole is a journey and a soundscape that will paint the picture in the listener's mind of every word and syllable.

Recommended for fans of Meshuggah, Whitechapel, and Pantera,  “Seismic”  will see the light of day on November 20, 2020.

Album Pre-Save  HERE . Physical Pre-Order at  Withoutmercyband.com .

First single  “The Disaster”  
  YouTube  (Lyric Video)
Guitar Playthrough
Apple Music, Spotify  HERE .

Track Listing:
1. Thunderbird (ft. Jeff Loomis) (4:53)
2. Abysmal (5:42)
3. Left Alone (4:00)
4. Wiindigo (4:55)
5. Disinfect The Soul  (ft. Chris Broderick) (7:18)
6. The Disaster (3:52)
7. Possessed (4:04)
8. I Break The Chain (4:44)
9. Uprooted (4:58)
Album Length: 44:29

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