Inception Of Eternity - Last Exit To The Past - Reviewed By Full Metal Mayhem! Sunday February 21 2021, 11:11 AM
Inception Of Eternity - Last Exit To The Past - Reviewed By Full Metal Mayhem!

Inception Of Eternity - Last Exit To The Past - Reviewed By Full Metal Mayhem ! Check it out here at this link:

Other releases by the band: This is their second album after a demo and EP. A single will also be released on Sunday. How did I get to know the band: This is again the fault of the Metal Devastation Radio. After the first album I was excited about the successor. So here it is. How do I find the record: Really good again. This is also the first album that I'm going back to a recommendation from Metal Devastation Radio, so let's check it out: THE AGE OF WARLORDS opens the album with the sound of people marching, probably some soldiers. I wonder if they did the same thing as Motörhead, marching across a table with two dice cups and then duplicating that with minimal delay. After this intro, about which I wrote way too much, things start off pretty quickly. A nice driving duel, whereby the female voice sounds very smoky here, the male voice, on the other hand, is classically expressive. A really good introduction to the album. FROM THE EVIL INSIDE keeps the pace and integrates a strange orchestral sounding synth here. I can't really describe the singing here, but it sounds really good, I particularly like the passages sung twice in the chorus, for which they probably hired a guest singer. BLUNT BLADE slows down the pace and consists only of synthetic noise at the beginning, before it emits reasonable sounds. Here is sung nice and deep, or almost spoken. The chorus is introduced by an almost chorus-like scream. I don't know what to think of it, similar to the series that my wife is digging up somewhere, but I can't skip it, so it will be kind of good, despite or maybe because of the lascivious moans that keep coming back. THE CRADLE OF DARKNESS starts with a very calm bass, which is joined by a thunderstorm and a church choir. In connection with the organ that introduces the song, it almost sounds like Power Metal. The guitar wax would go with it. Definitely a good choice for a single. WHERE ARE YOU NOW begins with a quiet piano, followed by strings. Here we have one of their more medieval songs, which despite everything are supported by great electric guitars. Here, too, two women can be heard in the chorus and it doesn't sound bad. In general it seems to me that this album is also of a pretty high standard. WRONG SAVIOR sounds really nasty at the beginning, but then the guitars get a bit doodle. But that’s the case ud here the vocals sound close to old Goth Rock. Somehow I associate such a pitch and color with Goth from the 2000s. Is that supposed to be old? Yeah, that could be a damn twenty years ago. SHAME AND FEARS opens with a shallow piano melody and a bell-like female voice, but the keys will soon be electrified and a guitar will be added. After that the singing sounds a lot angrier and the singer mostly stays in the background. Here you can really speak of a rock tube. It's always nice when you discover new facets in a band. ONE DAY sounds quite strange to begin with, a very dominant drum beat that runs through the whole song opens, is then soon accompanied by an acoustic guitar before the vocals kick in and take me back to the 2000s. That's just great. SACRIFICE changes style again. Here it gets harder again and goes back towards the NDH. The singing remains slow, almost spoken, but very threatening. Except for the chorus, which the singer takes on. A good song, but too calm for me, so continue with the lyrics. COUNTING DOWN THE DAYS starts off quite calmly again, but soon changes to a driving song with bagpipes. This is only used selectively, but I also like the rest of the track a lot. It might even be my favorite of the album. LAST EXIT TO THE PAST is the title track and has something medieval about it again. There is a real nasty sing-along danger here, so perfect for a car ride when you don't have anyone to talk to or want to fill your passengers with good music. SELF-DECEPTION starts pretty hard, but unfortunately the synths destroy it a bit. Not bad, but not mine. Too many styles are mixed here, so on to the next one. In the intro of THROUGH THE NIGHT the guitar imitates the piano until it discovers that it can sound really awesome on its own. A real recovery after the previous song. VOICES OF DOOM starts with a single flute that is already whistling quite a bit. Then the singing starts. Again we have a nice contrast between the deep singing and the bright female voice. In the chorus, when both can be heard at the same time, that's really fun. SWAN SONG ends the album with a strong but calm song. But it's best to listen to it yourself. - Full Metal Mayhem

Inception Of Eternity: kick off 2021 with new single, new video, new album! 

With the song "The Cradle of Darkness" Inception Of Eternity release the first track of their second studio album. Singer SINtana leads the listener through the uptempo gothic rock song with her versatile and distinctive voice, giving "The Cradle of Darkness" a unique and powerful expression with the mix of angelic background and dirty rock lead vocals. The single will be available to stream or download from all major online stores on February 21, 2021. The official video is available on YouTube now!

Cover_IOE_The Cradle of Darkness_front 12.jpg

More singles and album teasers on YouTube:


Inception Of Eternity - Teaser - The Cradle of Darkness


Inception Of Eternity - Introducing Marc Vanderberg (Lead Guitar)


Cover_IOE_Last Exit to the Past_front_3.jpg

About the new album:

With the second studio album "Last Exit to the Past" mastermind Thorsten Eligehausen created a 15 track strong, musically extremely varied and genre-spanning album, without losing sight of the reference to the characteristic gothic rock elements. Quiet tones are as much an integral part of the album as rough and rocky compositions. Singer Ken Pike and vocalist SINtana take the listener on a musical journey with their extraordinary voices that is second to none.

"The creation process was - due to the two new contributing musicians SINtana and Marc Vanderberg - definitely more diverse. It was always interesting to hear how musicians of other styles listen to the demo of a song and what they then contribute to it, or how you understand their part", says Eligehausen.

"Last Exit to the Past" will be released on March 26, 2021 and is available as a CD in digipack, for download and also on all known streaming services. The presale of the album starts in selected stores parallel to the release of the single release "The Cradle of Darkness" on 21.02.2021.

Various merchandise articles of Inception of Eternity are also available via the store on darkSIGN-music.


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