CELTIC FROST Bassist MARTIN ERIC AIN Dead At 50 Sunday October 22 2017, 11:58 AM

Former   CELTIC FROST   bassist   Martin Eric Ain   died yesterday (Saturday, October 21) after suffering a heart attack at the age of 50. His death was confirmed by   Ain 's close friend   Jan Graber , who told Switzerland's   20 Minuten   that   Martin   "suddenly collapsed when he switched to a different tram."

Graber   was not aware of any serious health problems that   Ain , who was born in the U.S.A., may have had. "He was somewhat overweight, clearly."

Still,   Ain 's death came as a complete surprise to   Graber .

"We had lunch only two weeks ago," he said. "He was as doing as well as ever."

Thomas Gabriel Fischer , who played with   Martin   in both   HELLHAMMER   and   CELTIC FROST , said in a social media post that he was "deeply affected by [ Martin 's] passing. Our relationship was very complex and definitely not free of conflicts, but   Martin 's life and mine were very closely intertwined, since we first met in 1982," he wrote.

Norwegian bassist   King Ov Hell   (real name   Tom Cato Visnes ;   GORGOROTH ,   GOD SEED ,   AUDREY HORNE ) also commented on   Ain 's death. He said: "I just learned that my dear friend   Martin Ain   passed away at age 50. His work with   CELTIC FROST   and   HELLHAMMER   has been a huge inspiration for me and thousands of others. Rest in peace, my friend!"

Meanwhile,   ANTHRAX   drummer   Charlie Benante   remembered   Ain   on   Twitter   as "one of the nicest, intelligent and creative people I've ever known."

Former   CARCASS   and current   ARCH ENEMY   guitarist   Michael Amott   tweeted: "One of the early purveyors of extreme musical darkness in metal has left us."

PARADISE LOST   singer   Nick Holmes   wrote: "Very sad to hear about   Martin Ain . Another one gone too soon."

Born   Martin Stricker ,   Martin Eric Ain   became an entrepreneur owned a DVD shop and bar in Zurich, called Acapulco. He was also a co-owner of the music club Mascotte, which became well known for hosting up-and-coming international bands. Since 2004, he had been the host of the "Karaoke From Hell" show, taking place every Tuesday night at Mascotte.

Ain   handled lead vocals on the song   "A Dying God Coming Into Human Flesh"   on   CELTIC FROST 's final album,   "Monotheist" .

In a 2006 interview with   Metal Rules ,   Ain   said that, unlike   Fischer , he preferred to keep a low profile when he wasn't performing with   CELTIC FROST . "I'm exhibitionist enough already with the interviews and on stage," he explained. "I like to let the music speak for itself and the stage performances speak for themselves. I already think   Tom   does that,   Tom   does that communication. That's his space, his way of communicating, his views, his beliefs. Some of them are mine. I differ. Not my style."

CELTIC FROST   reformed in 2001 and released its comeback album   "Monotheist"   via   Century Media / Prowling Death   in 2006. The band broke up in 2008, with   Fischer   going on to form   TRIPTYKON .

Ain   is survived by his longtime partner, his brother and his father.

Image courtesy of   Banger TV  Via Blabbermouth

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