Burned For Sins, Damned For Speaking Truths ARSENIC ADDICTION New Music Video “Maleficium” Thursday February 18 2021, 10:19 AM
Burned For Sins, Damned For Speaking Truths ARSENIC ADDICTION New Music Video “Maleficium”

Arsenic Addiction:
(left to right)
Nate Dahlquist - Drums
Haley Grow (Lady Arsenic) - Vocals, Keyboard 
Tyler Gipson - Guitars
James Kessler - Guitars
Photo by: Brian Medeiros 

Salt Lake City’s Arsenic Addiction’s released their fourth album “XIX” in September 2019, and in support of the record, they released the visually stunning video "Fire" featuring UTAH's salt flats as a backdrop. Today, the band is excited to present their next breathtaking video filmed and directed once again by Brian Medeiros for their track "Maleficium" and this time they have changed altitudes to hit the snow-capped peaks of UTAH'S mountains.

The band adds about the track:

"The working title for this song was Malleus Maleficarum, it translates to The Hammer of Witches. A book and nickname for a clergyman who was discredited by the catholic church about the finding, extermination, and torture procedures for witches.
Exodus 22:18    ‘  Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live 

The song itself is pretty straightforward as it is about patriarchal ideals against not only women, but anyone who dares to love differently, dress differently, and act out of the accepted norm. This song was written very specifically for our vocalist Lady Arsenic  an d   her experiences and accusations of  being a witch ’  in the sense of a seductress, whore, etc., for being an openly  polyamorous  woman, treated as though she  ha s control over the thoughts and feelings of others and that she is somehow responsible for their actions (WITCHCRAFT!). It s petty martyrdom, but it was very cathartic to write"

The music video for  "Maleficium" can be viewed via its premiere on MetalInjection  HERE

Arsenic Addiction's latest full length “XIX” is the story of an outsider, those who dare to be different, strange, or unusual and are made out to be monsters, demons, or witches because of it. It’s the journey of the human soul from a feminine perspective experiencing love, hate, finding inner power, and making deals with the devil to conquer those who would stand in the way of that power.

Although the music of Arsenic Addiction has evolved in style over the years, the reason has always been the same: to create art, connect with others, and express emotions/complex issues about love, death, and the world that are difficult to convey with mere words. 

A wide range of emotions is packed into Arsenic Addiction’s music, which blends gothic, melodic, and death elements. It is well suited for fans of Cradle of Filth, Behemoth, and In This Moment.

Arsenic Addiction's “XIX” is available on  Arsenicaddiction.bandcamp. com Spotify Apple Music Amazon .

Music Video:
Fire -  YouTube

Track Listing:
1. As Above (3:53)
2. Moon & Sun (5:49)
3. Air (2:57)
4. Tomb of Sleep (3:52)
5. Spirit (2:53)
6. Summons (5:42)
7. Ash of the Earth (3:52)
8. Water (4:03)
9. Amethyst (5:33)
10. Fire (3:02)
11. Maleficium (5:00)
12. Earth (3:46)
13. So Below (4:39)
Album Length: 55:05

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