Drift Into Black release "Burial Gown" video Wednesday February 17 2021, 5:27 AM
Drift Into Black release "Burial Gown" video

Drift into Black, (led by ex-Grey Skies Fallen keyboardist Craig Rossi) has released a video for his song "Burial Gown". The song is from the upcoming album  "Patterns of Light" which will be released via Black Doomba Records in April.

Craig commented "I am very excited for everyone to see the lyric video for ‘The Burial Gown’. The imagery depicts the midway portion of the storyline. Autumn whom is mute has just buried her mother. She was slowly poisoned by her step father. With her mother now gone Autumn has no one to sign to. She flees out of desperation, in the grip of fear now that SHE is his next target. She visits her mother’s grave and has to make the grim decision to take her own life or allow him to take it.....It’s a point in the storyline where listeners will want to know how we got here and how it ends."

Watch the video: https://nextmosh.com/drift-into-black-the-burial-gown-video/

Pre-order: https://drifintoblack2.bandcamp.com/album/patterns-of-light

One-man bands allow for so much freedom, and for those who are blessed with creativity it can lead to prolific output in a shorter space of time than groups. One such solo project is Drift into Black, led by ex-Grey Skies Fallen keyboardist Craig Rossi. With his fourth release Patterns of Light, the New Yorker continues a trend of four releases in four years in synth-driven gloom, inspired by the European vein of melodic doom-death metal

Patterns of Light is proof that, just because you have a formula to work with, does not mean you are confined to it. While many of the songs here draw from the same quarters as Saturnus, My Dying Bride and Ghost Brigade, they also shy away from copycatting the above-mentioned bands. There are many interesting discoveries to be found, whether the guitar melodies on “The Burial Gown”, the prog-metal synthesizers that recall Amorphis’ finest on “Among the Beast”, the post-punk beats on “Thread of Hope”, or the dual vocal effects alternating between soft cleans and underwater-recorded growls.

It’s not just the music that demands a look-in, though - Rossi has designed another concept album with a dark, dark storyline to follow. The plot tells of loss and grief, religion and revenge; there’s even a twist to a surprisingly happy ending for such melancholic music. No spoilers, though - you have to listen to find out what happens next

If the darker side of metal appeals, and you enjoy being wrapped up in a shroud of gloom, then Patterns of Light will absolutely be of interest. Drift into Black have matured well over the last several years, and 2021 will certainly be Rossi’s year with this quality of output.



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