Void - Dreams Of A Painted World - Reviewed By Hellfire Magazin! Saturday February 13 2021, 4:18 PM
Void - Dreams Of A Painted World - Reviewed By Hellfire Magazin!

Void - Dreams Of A Painted World - Reviewed By Hellfire Magazin ! Check it out here at this link: https://www.hellfire-magazin.de/void-dreams-of-a-painted-world/

I like bands that dare to do something. And Void , a solo project from San Antonio, Texas, dares a lot. To put it directly and clearly: I have never heard such a strange mix of insane blast-beat thunderstorms on the one hand, and long, very long passages with ethereal music on the other. When I first met I thought: What the fuck? But now I'm pretty fascinated. Even if I still don't know what all this is about and what is ultimately the crux of the album. Because, as the name of the band says in principle, it leads nowhere. It's kind of exciting, even if you know how it will turn out and after the good half hour that “ Dreams of a Painted World ” lasts, you feel somehow being led by the nose. And yet I keep playing the album after a few days off. Probably in the hope that at some point the penny will drop. Until then, for lack of an explanation for repeated listening to me, I get 7 out of 10 Hellfire points. - Hellfire Magazin

Those who dwell in the Void discard their names and seek to pull out memories of other worlds from the inky blackness contained within.  Those memories are presented here in musical form so you may experience them.

Hailing from Texas, Void combines elements of ferocious black metal intensity, the plodding heaviness of funeral doom, and dreamlike atmospheres provided by dark ambient.

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