Portland’s TANAGRA Forced To Liquidate Merch Following Trademark Dispute From Swiss Speaker Company Nagra Friday January 24 2020, 4:36 AM
 Portland’s TANAGRA Forced To Liquidate Merch Following Trademark Dispute From Swiss Speaker Company Nagra

Tanagra (Portland, USA) has had a bittersweet start to 2020 with the revelation that a Swiss company was filling a trademark dispute. This news comes a few weeks after they were voted on  Reddit.com as having the best power metal album of the year  for their 2019 full length “Meridiem”.

“It’s pretty funny that one week we’re getting AoY on Reddit and the next we’re being nuked from orbit by a company we’ve never heard of. Regardless of what happens with the trademark dispute, we have to assume that when it’s over we’ll get a cease-and-desist and be dead in the water; We’d exist at the behest of a foreign company who obviously couldn’t give a damn about us, and that’s no way to live.” says bassist Erich Ulmer.

The contesting entity, Nagra, is an audio company based in Switzerland, which is opposing the portion of Tanagra’s application to trademark the band name that involves selling branded merchandise and performing live under the moniker.

The proceedings went live as of Monday, January 20, 2020, but the prog/power metal quintet is not looking to fight an uphill legal battle, instead, they are looking to unload as much merch as they can while they still can. As Ulmer explains:

“Rather than sit on our physical albums and shirts we’re changing everything to ‘pay what you want’ plus shipping. We have hundreds of copies ‘Meridiem’ and ‘None of This is Real’ that will be unsellable soon and we’d rather have them in the hands of metalheads around the world. This is a small piece of history and it’s likely we’ll never be able to print under this name again!”

Tanagra merch is available exclusively on their Bandcamp, through which fans will also be able to join the mailing list for updates on the band’s future, member’s side projects and any name changes.


Public Links to Fillings:



Track Listing:
1. Meridiem (11:35)
2. Sydria (4:01)
3. Etheric Alchemy (8:49)
4. Silent Chamber (7:52)
5. Hidden Hand (10:14)
6. Across the Ancient Desert (7:39)
7. Witness (14:19)
Album Length: 1:04:31

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Formed out of the love of science fiction, fantasy, and theatrical heavy metal storytelling, TANAGRA hit the Portland, USA metal scene in 2011 with epic, symphonic, progressive power metal with lyrical content about original fantasy/sci-fi settings, Magic: The Gathering, historical tales, and other nerdy themes.
In 2015, they released their debut album, None of This is Real, an energetic collection of American power metal showcasing their love for complex arrangements and lengthy songs which garnered critical acclaim from a multitude of publications around the world.

In the time following their debut release, the members found a deep love for progressive rock/metal and symphonic black metal, and in writing new material found ways to combine the sounds of bands like IQ, Anekdoten, Caladan Brood, and Borknagar into their existing American power metal framework.

In 2016, TANAGRA entered the studio with the fruits of their labors to begin recording their ambitious second album, titled ‘Meridiem’, which was released April 26, 2019.

– 30 –

“Progressive Metal fans, rest assured that your 2019 is in good hands as Prog quintet TANAGRA unleashes “Meridiem”. Filled with vibrant melodies, this seven-track record will take you to a breathtaking journey through an eargasmic musical psychedelic.” – Metal Temple

“Meridiem is another jewel in the trunk of America’s continually-burgeoning power metal scene… Tanagra is something to be loved by music fans, cherished by power metal fans and salivated over by fans of progressive metal.” – Last Rites

“I’m thoroughly impressed with this sophomore. It’s a complete transformation of this band into a wholly new form and they’ve earned every single little bit of it.” – Toilet ov Hell

“Tanagra’s Meridiem will likely please and intrigue fans of American progressive power metal, thanks to the band’s ambitious and lightly complex songwriting.” – Danger Dog Reviews

“There’s an ethereal, otherworldly feel in parts of Tanagra’s compositions that gives the music real presence, and the epic nature of the material will raise the hairs on the back of your neck a fair few times if you allow yourself to become fully immersed in the grandeur of it all. Highly recommended!” – Sentinel Daily

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