Motivik – Death Of The Gunman - Reviewed By ZwareMetalin! Saturday February 13 2021, 2:11 PM
Motivik – Death Of The Gunman - Reviewed By ZwareMetalin!

Motivik – Death Of The Gunman - Reviewed By ZwareMetalin ! Check it out here at this link:

Wrong, Motivik is not from Germany. It is a duo project from Georgia that debuts with a full album with Death Of The Gunman . In German, 'Motivik' actually only occurs in legal jargon, where it simply means 'motive'. But not 'Motiv', which is the non-legal German word. Anyway. Both gentlemen, who have no significant metal past yet, use thrash, heavy and - to use the word 'wrong' again - glam rock.

Fluffy thrash dynamics and heavy metal gallops cover, as you suspected from that last description, well-known beat cadences and familiar chord progressions with unmistakable American pastiche. Duo loops in heat and harmonious entanglements refresh the energy that is already in it anyway. Less successful are the choruses, where everything is ostentatious in the service of the vocals. Excellent vocals, more on that in a moment, but the flattening reduces it to tacky, almost glam rock hit sensitivity.

Fortunately, the high, clean and graceful vocals are, as said, pristine. A beautiful timbre that sings to the tone with bravura and now and then puts a rougher bolster around it. Yet Courtney goes off the bend once. The Past Of Tomorrow starts off promising instrumentally, through an epic interplay of tapping guitars, a blocky rhythm practice and a third layer of longer melody strings. When the stanza falls in, a head voice really takes everything down. In the chorus you can also see the open fluttering shirt and bare torso looming in front of you.

For example, Motivik ends up in a sort of aggravated glamorous situation a few times. The beginning of Souls In Torment is another example, which continues with a Slayer-esque sung thrash attack with melodic circling hooks. Moments later with a crackling solo. Without that beginning (and what looks like a production error in the end), that would have been a great song. Same with Undismembered. That contains a very fat mid-tempo riff with harmonious embellishments and another third layer of melodic gold leaf. Until the vocals fall in and the stanza fizzles out.

Those who prefer transposed names: Steel Panther which Overkill assaults in Gothenburg. One last warning, perhaps: the closing number is the ballad. But don't let that honor the motivation , because Death Of The Gunman is fine for the rest. Score: 75/100 - ZwareMetalin

Well we made it to the end of the year, and what a crazy year it has been. Aside from all the craziness, Roxx Records still kept the music coming with almost 40 new releases this year. Many of which have been brand new artists and brand new music. And we are not quite done yet….

Roxx Records is excited to announce our last full release for 2020 the brand new release from Atlanta’s very own Motivik. How do you say Motivik? (MOE-TEE-VICK) what does Motivik mean? Motivik is derived from the word Motive. And what is the Motive of Motivik? To rock you hard with a message of hope and encouragement for a lost generation.

Motivik features Ryan Roebuck handling the music and vocals and Courtney Simmons on vocals. That’s right dual vocalists, modeled in a way much like Gary Lenaire and Guy Ritter from Tourniquet except they pretty evenly share the vocal duties. If you ask Motivik what there sound is like or what their style is they would say they are ‘Melodic Groove Thrash’. A little more on the thrashy side if you ask us, especially when you listen to the bands cover song from Sacrament ‘Souls in Torment’ featuring a guest appearance from Sacrament’s very own Robert Wolfe. Check out a sample of the track here.

Well we are happy to be bringing you the bands debut full length effort entitled, “Death of the Gunman” and it will be coming your way before the end of 2020! If you love thrash, groove, doom and rock all spun together and cooked up with catchy hooks be sure to pick up a copy!

The first single and lyric video are out now and have recently been serviced to magazine and radio. Check out the first single ‘Away’ and request it wherever they play hard and heavy Christian music.

This one is right around the corner and releasing officially on December 18 just in time for Christmas. Pre orders are live now and at the incredibly low introductory price of $9.99 Pre Order Here!

Follow the band here at these links:


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