Luciferianometh - The Command Of Lucifer's Heart - Featured At! Tuesday February 9 2021, 8:19 PM
Luciferianometh - The Command Of Lucifer's Heart - Featured At!

Luciferianometh - The Command Of Lucifer's Heart - Featured At ! Check it out here at this link:

Luciferianometh is a Black Metal band from Ratmalana , Sri Lanka . All music compositions and lyrics are written by Shanil Sirisena . Shanil goes by the artist name Eligor Cernounnus. The band has released one demo, one EP and two full length albums. The latest release is the first full length called, " The Command Of Lucifer's Heart ".

This album will be limited to 50 Cd's. Cd's will include a booklet of the lyrics and Luciferianometh artworks, drawn and designed by Shanil .

CD Baby will be manufacturing the first batch of physical copies which will be available on January 15th, 2021. If you would like to buy the albums as digital downloads, please send an email with the album name you wish to buy to "". Each digital copy comes with a booklet of art, lyrics, and the artist pictures that will be on the physical copy itself.

The Lyrics are written mainly based on Spiritual Satanism . They also have a Buddhist philosophical view combined with Satanic laws which gives them a unique theme and represents what Luciferianometh is about!

Luciferianometh is influenced by bands like Behemoth , Inquisition , Morbid Angel , and many more.

The band's logo was drawn by Cadaver Axe, who is from the U.S.A. Cadaver Axe   is also the man behind the project Halo Pus . The cover art in the album, Sivtas, was drawn by Abgiour from the Argentinian band, Lux Anguis . All song mixing and mastering is done by Eligor himself as a standard audio engineer. Eligor is comfortable with engineering the original sound of Luciferianometh

For fans of Inquisition, Immortal, Watain



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