ROYAL HUNT - "DYSTOPIA" - Reviewed by All Around Metal! Tuesday January 19 2021, 8:09 PM
ROYAL HUNT - "DYSTOPIA" - Reviewed by All Around Metal!

ROYAL HUNT - "DYSTOPIA" - Reviewed by All Around Metal ! Check it out here at this link:

It's been about ten long years since singer DC Cooper rejoined Royal Hunt, the symphonic rock / metal band led by mastermind André Andersen. Until the comeback of the Danish singer, the combo had still received more than good works (including the too underrated "X" and also "Paradox II: Collision Course"), but perhaps the real rebirth was with "Show Me How To Live" ", where we returned to a certain simplicity, especially in the care of choruses and refrains. Afterwards (leaving out the live shows) the group then focused on improving the compositions (the albums "Devil's Dozen" and "Cast In Stone"), always churning out qualitatively excellent works, focusing a lot on the song-form. The brand new concept album "Dystopia"

The declaration of intent comes out already from the pompous and epicizing intro “Inception F451”. Intent that then materialize in a short time and give concrete ideas on musical direction. There is no mention of particular innovations, but more of taking a more progressive metal approach by the hand (or rock if you prefer, since the band has always enjoyed being in the middle). The tracks are in fact much more elaborate than in the past and there are some interesting insights. Jonas' hard & heavy riffs are often hard, but never excessive and there is a less shredder but more substantial solo work, a sign that the young musician is refining himself by keeping useless virtuosity in check (“Burn”). The rhythm section is always between technique and immediacy, also reveling in lively episodes and even at the limits of doom metal (it is no coincidence that there is Mats Levén, formerly of Candlemass as a guest), such as the slow "The Art Of Dying" which demonstrates a very marked heaviness and darkness, but then grow of pathos. The album is really rich in details that come out little by little and stand out a lot, thanks also to the melodic counterpart dictated by the impressive orchestral arrangements (listen to the evocative "Black Butterflies", where classical / symphonic music goes perfectly with rock / metal) by André who dabbles in every possible type of composition, throwing a couple of goodies in his face. One of the peaks of the album is "The Eye of Oblivion" which refers to the heyday of "Paradox", a long and complex piece that combines groove, power and melody flows without ever having a voltage drop. The second surprise is "Hound of the Damned" and it recalls without half measures the most theatrical and musical Savatage, also inserting a perfectly fitting electronic mood, fiery guitar turns, intense solos and guests to the highly respected vocals that give variety (Henrik Brockmann and Kenny Lübcke, both already guests on several records of the group). Obviously we could not forget the crystalline uvula of DC Cooper always celestial in the splendid choruses and choruses of the disc (its versatility should not be underestimated and a gem like "Walk The Earth by Silent Force" is there to prove it). Each of his vocal nuances is always emphasized at best, both in the metallic part and in the more calm one. However, it must be said that this is not the best work of the Royal Hunt. The two interludes do not give anything extra and the ballads, however sweet and sparkling ("I Used to Walk Alone" also features Mark Boals guest on vocals) are not particularly surprising, slightly lowering the pitch.

A new work that explodes in class, refinement and a lot of passion, which certainly sins due to a partial lack of novelty, but which at the same time makes many groups eat the dust that believe it is enough to put an orchestra and lyrical voices to play symphonic metal. Champions still too much in the shade. Another center! - All Around Metal

Dystopia ” released on December 16th via King Records (Japan/SE Asia) and on December 18th (UPD: physical format on the 15th of January 2021) via NorthPoint Productions (Europe / N / S America). A concept album offering a considerable expansion of the band´s trademark sound and featuring performances by guest vocalists: Mats Leven ( Candlemass, TSO, Skyblood ), Mark Boals ( Y.J. Malmsteen, Ring of Fire ), Henrik Brockmann ( Royal Hunt, Evil Masquerade, N´Tribe ), Kenny Lubcke ( Narita, Zoser Mez ) and Alexandra Andersen ( Royal Hunt, JSP ).

“Dystopia” is available on ALL digital platforms (as MP3, FLAC), and as a regular CD (jewel case), various deluxe editions / bundles and a double heavy vinyl LP at



ROYAL HUNT - " The Art Of Dying " ft. Mats Leven (single version) 

ROYAL HUNT  keep intriguing fans with their adventurous endeavors and the band´s 15th studio album is no exception: a monumental concept opus featuring symphonic, progressive yet hard hitting compositions full of impeccable performances, wrapped tightly into immediately accessible format and a lush, contemporary production.

The addition of some extraordinary guest singers and their outstanding performances combined with vastly extended orchestrations creates a truly conceptual, cinematic feel throughout each and every track.


THE MISSING PAGE (Intermission I)
MIDWAY (Intermission II)


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