NEW PROMO: Zebadiah Crowe - Lych Milk [The UK's twisted masters of darkness strike back] Sunday January 17 2021, 4:36 PM
NEW PROMO: Zebadiah Crowe - Lych Milk [The UK's twisted masters of darkness strike back]

You were warned, more than once. You were told that they’d be back, that it still wasn’t safe to venture out alone after dark. But you didn’t listen. You thought a few days of silence, without any screams, meant that they’d returned to whatever godforsaken hell they crawled out of. You thought you knew here you are, your entrails arranged around you in all sorts of pretty patterns. You’ve screamed yourself hoarse, screamed until you were choking on your own blood and they still haven’t finished with you...

As was foretold Zebadiah Crowe have returned to ensure a suitably vicious start to this New Year. Whatever hopes you had for 2021, best you just leave them at the door...maybe next year... Here we have the companion piece to The Cloven Hand EP – Lych Milk. While The Cloven Hand featured three Zebadiah Crowe tracks remixed to within an inch of their lives by Seething Akira and Lords Of Ruin, Lych Milk features three tracks dismantled by the beasts of Zebadiah Crowe themselves. These songs have been broken into pieces and reassembled and re-recorded, moulded into unrecognisable forms, twisted and tortured into the stuff of new nightmares – even darker and more disturbing than before. These reborn songs: ‘Gallows Wood’, ‘Sabbaticus’ and ‘Footprints’ are rusted shards of mechanised blackness from forgotten corners of a lightless inferno, single-minded in their need to destroy. A video has been created to accompany ‘Gallows Wood’ and as well as glimpses into the dark pit where Zebadiah Crowe dwell, it features imagery from the game Valfaris. Valfaris is a heavy metal infused 2D action-platformer featuring brutal combat, deadly enemies, stunning pixel art and a savage soundtrack created by ex-Celtic Frost man, Curt Victor Bryant – the perfect visual accompaniment to the bestial sonic violence of Zebadiah Crowe.

So keep your eyes and ears open as a New Year dawns because the worst is still to come. Zebadiah Crowe are waiting in the January shadows ready to unleash hell. Drink deep of the poison of Lych Milk and feel the elixir of death roaring through your veins...

“I believe in injustice and inhumanity and torture and anger and hate. I believe in murder. I believe in pain...”
- Gallows Wood – Zebadiah Crowe

Forrrthen - Guitars
The Horrid – Vocals/Bass/Drum Programming
Genre: Black/Thrash Metal

For fans of: Venom | Ministry | Mantar | Babylon Whores

Further Information:

 “Zebadiah Crowe is back, and we should all be thrilled and very, very afraid.” – METAL TEMPLE

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