DYSEMBLEM: "Autotomy" released digitally via Immortal Bytes Monday December 23 2019, 8:45 AM
DYSEMBLEM: "Autotomy" released digitally via Immortal Bytes

Three years after their debut full-length "Strength of Giants", Dysemblem are set to unleash their sophomore full length "Autotomy". This offering features a total of nine tracks of doom riddled death metal that drags you through murky, ever darkening soundscapes. 


DYSEMBLEM first faced the world in 2012 aiming to give a death metal face to the introverted black metal of the early 90s. Shifting the focus of brutality away from mindless aggression and inwards to the darkest corners of the human mind, the band serves as a vehicle for the release and purging of negativity through unwelcoming soundscapes, gloomy vocals and purposeful song-structures. Having honed their skills and sharpened their intentions throughout three demos and an LP,

Dysemblem’s sophomore album "Autotomy" continues to weave an uncompromising universe of death, metal and doom.


The digital version of "Autotomy" was released on December 20th by Immortal Bytes. The LP/CD/MC formats were released by III Damnation.

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