Okrütnik - Legion Antychrysta - Reviewed by Rock Magazine! Thursday January 7 2021, 5:48 AM
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Okrütnik - Legion Antychrysta - Reviewed by Rock Magazine!

Okrütnik - Legion Antychrysta - Reviewed by Rock Magazine ! Check it out here at this link: https://metaldevastationradio.com/thebeast/blog/11888/new-promo-okrutnik-legion-antychrysta-heavy-black-metal

Fact check Okrütnik: Founded in May 2018. Coming from Kotlin in Poland . Play loud leaflet label Ossuary Records an old school Heavy Metal with strong influences of the First Wave of Black Metal . Okrütnik's music was influenced by the Polish heavy metal legend Turbo , who also accompanied them on their 2019 The Last Warrior Tour .

Legion Antychrysta was recorded in HiGain Studio . Mixed by Eryk Kula and mastered by Janusz Drygas . Lyrics and music come exclusively from the band themselves and for the artwork is characterized Sandra Kubacka responsible.

Listening impression: Legion Antychrysta is not an off-the-shelf metal album. You have to get involved with the album. The Polish lyrics , the defining sound of NWOBHM , the dark and cold of Black Metal .

All of this helps to make a lasting impression . Some numbers on the album even manage to become real atmospheric hymns . Lament Ksiecia Czarnej Magii and Wrzesniowe Popoludnie Rzeznika'52 could be mentioned as examples. At first I really didn't think that hoarse and nagging Black Metal screams would go so well with the Heavy Metal sound . A few calm and slightly quieter tones made it onto the album, which is very good for the thing in itself.

Legion Antychrysta develops into a really strong album when you listen to it .

9 out of 10 bangs - Rock Magazine

Okrütnik was formed in May 2018 in Kotlin, Poland, and instantly became a sensation of the local underground scene, due to their intriguing blend of oldschool heavy metal with 1st wave black metal influences.

In 2019 they played a nationwide tour alongside legendary Turbo.

Current line-up:
Michał Dryjański (vocal), Eryk Kula (guitars), Szymon Garbarczyk (bass), Grzegorz Drygas (drums).  

Released November 2, 2020

Track list:

1. Sabat

2. Legion Antychrysta

3. Guślarz

4. Lament Księcia Czarnej Magii

5. Portret Trumienny, a Na Grobach Kwiaty

6. Noc Galicyjska

7. Czarcie Łoże

8. Wrześniowe Popołudnie Rzeźnika '52

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