Empyrean Fire - Deliverance - Reviewed By Flight Of Pegasus! Monday January 4 2021, 5:32 AM
Empyrean Fire - Deliverance - Reviewed By Flight Of Pegasus!

Empyrean Fire - Deliverance - Reviewed By Flight Of Pegasus ! Check it out here at this link: http://www.flightofpegasus.gr/heavy_metal/reviews/item/13507-empyrean-fire

Thanks to singer Tricia Myers' literary interest in Milton's "Lost Paradise", the band's first Oregon album debut is inspired by the book and themed. It is gratifying that this old work continues to inspire and its specific metaphor is rightly launched as a favorite of the fans of symphonic black. In addition to the feminine there are the usual idioms for male vocals and this material, although not original, can catch your eye because it has evocative, explosive, menacing, ritual, dramatic, majestic points, enhanced with the appropriate echoes. Also, you will not miss the fact that these black-clad musicians organize their evil in correct expressions but also the intensity with which their determination has been captured. Clearly there is room for them to differentiate themselves from other divers in dark environments, but you deserve to be informed in time. - Flight Of Pegasus

The concept behind "Deliverance" was ruminated upon for years by front woman, Tricia Myers, after reading Milton's "Paradise Lost" and "Paradise Regained."

Deliverance is a sinister take on Milton's work, reshaping it with harrowing twists and malevolent revelations, each chapter a battle in the dragon's ascent to gain command over Hell on Earth. Will you bow down in battle, sunken before the spear?

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Releases December 26, 2020

1. Proclamation
2. Gathering Storm
3. Descent
4. Perdition
5. Corruption
6. The Siege
7. Final Battle

Tricia Myers - Vocals, Lyrics
Jason Yorke - Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Programming
Brian Rush - Vocals, Synths

Production & Concept by Tricia Myers
Mixed & Mastered by Jason Yorke
Album cover original painting by Gustav Dore'
Empyrean Fire sigil by Viktoria Polikarpova
Band photos by Jesse Lanier
Album layout by Empyrean Fire
Forthcoming Blasts: Michael Thompson
Released by Heavy Gloom Productions
© 2020

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