Killing time - Thrashed From The Vault - Reviewed By Rocka Rolla! Wednesday December 30 2020, 12:36 PM
Killing time - Thrashed From The Vault - Reviewed By Rocka Rolla!

Killing Time - Thrashed From The Vault - Reviewed By Rocka Rolla ! check it out here at this link:

Let's see, memoirs and metal veterans, there is a trivia game for you. What do the bands that make up this compilation have in common, apart from being American? Exactly, they are all (or were) part of Florida's phenomenal death / thrash scene, the movement that originated in the late 80's / early 90's and shaped several of today's metal sub-styles.
This compilation originally edited back in 1992 under the name of “Unsigned 3: Killing time” and which is now reissued in a magnificent way with the addition of a DVD by the Thrashback Records label, brings together twelve bands that surely were not very well known to most, That makes the album even more interesting because it proposes to discover groups that were an important part of the scene at the time.
"Killing time - Thrashed from the vault" has great musical and historical value, and it also has everything to become mandatory for any metalhead, namely: almost all the songs are unpublished, a very complete booklet with notes and photos of each band, a DVD with presentations of the time and an impeccable sound. In short, a true collector's item for any metal fan, and if I had to mark a negative detail, that would be the difference in quality in the recordings of the different songs, but taking into account the various sources of the material, the detail is avoidable and does not affect the final product.
For those who want to venture into the very foundations of the extreme scene of the southern United States, this is an excellent starting point, as "Killing time - Thrashed from the vault" is just one of the hidden gem reissues that They will be out soon, so get ready to continue listening to death and thrash metal of the best.
Visit the label's website and get it. Absolutely mandatory. - Rocka Rolla

On October 2, 2020 THRASHBACK RECORDS will be releasing the CD/DVD Deluxe Edition reissue “ Killing Time: Thrashed From The Vault ”. This is not a mere compilation, but an aural and visual document of when Thrash and Death Metal ruled the South Florida music scene.

Originally released in 1992 as " Unsigned 3: Killing Time " ( Stryder Records/Conquest Music Group ), this was the final release in the labels " Unsigned " series that was dedicated to South Florida acts. This was the only volume dedicated exclusively to South Florida 's thrash/speed/death metal scene.

The series was the brainchild of local studio owner Gary Stryder , who’s GLED Recording Studios was at the time the “go to” facility for many local acts to commit their music to tape.  This volume was no exception, as all of the albums original tracks were recorded “ live ” to 2-track DAT (Digital Audio Tape). On the tracks where vocals could not be properly isolated, the stereo recording was then dumped to 1 inch analog tape and the vocals were then recorded and mixed to the music.

This revamped and remastered edition of " Killing Time " features nine of the twelve original tracks. The fat has bee trimmed, (so to speak) and three bonus tracks (marked by an *) keep the albums theme in tact.

" Killing Time " features such notables as Miami’s Solstice (who would sign to Germany’s Steamhammer Records a year later), West Palm Beach’s Raped Ape (later Paingod , who released an album for Century Media Records , and featured guitarist J.P. Soars who later played with Malevolent Creation & Divine Empire , and drummer J.C. Dwyer who would later join Pro-Pain ).

Ft. Lauderdale’s Amboog-A-Lard (who’s original guitarist and cofounder Jeordie White (would later join Marilyn Manson as Twiggie Ramierez ), Boca Raton’s Fatal Sin, Ft. Lauderdale’s Malicious Damage , Boca Raton’s Royal Anguish , Miami’s Kryptic Kurse , and Boca Raton’s Sinful Lust (who’s guitarist Adam Dearborn would later form the band Deadstar Assembly ).

This special release also includes a bonus DVD, an 120 minute time capsule featuring live footage from Amboog-A-Lard, Elysium, Fatal Sin, Final Prophecy, Raped Ape, Royal Anguish, Sinful Lust, and Solstice.

This 2020 reissue has been wonderfully remastered by Rob Colwell at Bombworks Sound from the original master tapes, features all new cover art by Sidjimbe Art Studios , and includes a 12-page booklet with band photo’s, archival show fliers, and “Thrash Facts” on each of the bands. This special 28th anniversary release is limited to a pressing of 300 units world wide and is the 4th release in our “ Florida Metal Archives Series ”.

Here's the link to the Raped Ape segment that is on the DVD:

Here are some singles from the compilation! 

AMBOOG-A-LARD "The Wounded":

RAPED APE "Hypothermia":


- All original album tracks Recorded at GLED Recording Studios; Davie, FL by Gary Stryder & Marc Portnoy throughout 1991.

- AMBOOG-A-LARD “The Wounded” was Recorded at GLED Recording Studios; Davie, FL by Gary Stryder & Eric Hoffman in December 1994 (24-Track Analog).

Originally recorded for a 7” EP for Conquest Music Group. Released in 1997 on the compilation “Power From The Vault” (CMG). An alternate version was featured on “ Metal Massacre XII ” (1995 - Metal Blade Records )

- ROYAL ANGUISH “Retrospect” was recorded at Hid-A-Way Studios; Davie, FL by Eric Hoffman in July 1993 (8-Track Digital). Originally recorded for a split 7” EP with Baltimore, Maryland’s The Risen for A.R.T. Records . This is the tracks first release.

- FINAL PROPHECY “Through Eyes Of Fire” was recorded at Hide-A-Way Studios; Davie, FL by Jimmy Starr in May 1992 (8-Track Analog). Originally recorded for a 7” EP for A.R.T. Records. Released in 2018 on CD and Vinyl by Roxx Records (licensed from ThrashBack Records) on Final Prophecy “Re-Awakening: The Demos 1990-1992”.


1. “The Wounded” * (AMBOOG-A-LARD - Ft. Lauderdale)

2. “Hypothermia” (RAPED APE - West Palm Beach)

3. “Sadistic Pleasure” (KRYPTIC KURSE - Miami)

4. “Whatever” (F.O.S. - West Palm Beach)

5. “Crystal Blisters” (ELYSIUM - Ft. Lauderdale)

6. “Netherworld” (SOLSTICE - Miami)

7. “Kick The Wind” (TEMPUS FUGIT - Miami)

8. “Episode” (FATAL SIN - Boca Raton)

9. “Dead Cells” (MALICIOUS DAMAGE - Ft. Lauderdale)

10. “Retrospect” * (ROYAL ANGUISH - Boca Raton)

11. “Through Eyes Of Fire” * (FINAL PROPHECY - Ft. Lauderdale)

12. “Chemical To Chemical” (SINFUL LUST - Boca Raton)

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