Blessed By Perversion - Remnants Of Existence - Featured At Bathory'Zine! Tuesday December 29 2020, 1:00 PM
Blessed By Perversion - Remnants Of Existence - Featured At Bathory'Zine!

Blessed By Perversion - Remnants Of Existence - Featured At Bathory'Zine ! check it out here at this link:

Band Name: Blessed By Perversion
CD title: Remnants Of Existence
Format: Digipack

Band Members: 
Manolis Kouelo - Guitars (rhythm)
Kostas Foutris - Guitars (lead)
Andreas Moschopoulos - Vocals
Vaggelis Nanos - Bass
Vasilis Nanos - Drums

Release Date: December 25 2020
Limitation: 500 Copies digipack CD
Sellings Points: Second Release old school death metal

Cover Blessed 400.jpg

Track list:
1. Descending To The Catacombs
2. Gallery Of Bones 04:18
3. Atonement Refused 04:27
4. Among The Tombs Absent Gods 03:23
5. Caverns Of Torture 05:12
6. Whithin Monumental Chaos 05:56

Blessed By Perversion was created in mid 2010 inspired by death metal and extreme music.

The band released their first EP called ' Destroy the Image of God' in 2012. After many gigs and the addition of a new member, Blessed By Perversion was ready to record their first full length album ' Between Roots And Darkness' . This is an old school feeling death metal album with a lot of melodic parts. The album was released in 2016 via Razed Soul Productions and received great reviews from metal sites and magazines from around the world.

Now with a new drummer and with more consistency than ever, Blessed By Perversion is releasing a new masterpiece of pure death metal with old influences of American ( Deicide, Morbid Angel, Monstrosity ) and European ( Sinister, Obsecration or Soulskinner ) death metal creates “ Remnant Of Existence ” 6 songs of pure metal of death

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