Project Alcazar - Lost In Centralia - Reviewed By Noizy! Sunday December 27 2020, 10:26 AM
Project Alcazar - Lost In Centralia - Reviewed By Noizy!

Project Alcazar - Lost In Centralia - Reviewed By Noizy ! Check it out here at this link:

Instrumental album, ladies and gentlemen! I imagine you have realized that we like such albums and we want to listen and present. This time we are dealing with a great guitarist, who has been playing music for almost five decades! Chris Steberl, an avid six-string player, is allied here with keyboardist and composer Caleb Hutlsar, with whom he wrote the entire album. And when they had to go into the studio and start with the drums… There they collaborated with the top of the genre. The really indescribable Mark Zonder, the drum charmer, the man that EVERYONE remembers when the words "octopus" and "drums" are in the same sentence, has recorded the percussion feast of the album and it makes a bang from the first second. The characteristic beats, the even more characteristic rhythms,

But beyond the virtuosity of the participants and the extraterrestrial approach, they seem to be having fun. In "Occum's Razor" for example, after the outrageous tutti, the keys and other instruments then rage on the subject of "James Bond", for a few seconds! Touches that show imagination, appetite and above all an appeal for fun. In "The Panic Hand" we hear Zonder play one of his usual - and for all the other unusual - subjects, putting the others in the game. Two hands in hi-hat, wonderful blue / purple guitars and a rhythmic groove that you will love. Intriguing pauses and amazing keystrokes.

"Stranger Ave" could be on an '80s album. Sweet theme on guitars, sweet and the environment around them. Lyrical and with an Emerald City aftertaste, it shows Chris' love for MacAlpine and Vinnie Moore. "55 Ludovico Lane" is melodic buttoned on "Parallels" and "Inside Out" patterns, with something from Porcupine Tree and Spock's Beard. And Zonder has that incredible sound! That he always has, no matter where or for whom he plays. In an interview he gave me, he told me that even for Dave Weckl he has done work on the console! Therefore ετε understand…

"Looking Glass", in rhythm 12/8, is the classic organic, that those of you who listen, will think of "Mind's Eye". Chris gives recitals to the melodic playing and the way he flirts with the noble ax, ie ax. One of the best works I've heard this year, really. Instrumental just as we had learned thirty or so years ago, as we had been abused thirty years ago. Epilogue with "Water Music", with the classic themes and the format to supply the baroque melodies with appropriate rhythmic support. Everything you need for LiVE, for people to fool around and go to the concert as they wish. I must say that I feel very lucky that this work was sent to me for presentation. Gentlemen, have a good trip! - Noizy

Guitarist Chris Steberl has been playing music for over 45 years starting at the age of 8 years old. He has played in numerous bands over the years finally forming his own instrumental band Alcazar back in 1988. They were the first and only band to ever win the local Battle of the Bands WITHOUT a singer!

In 2003 he released ' Reasons for a Decade' with Lion Music out of Europe. The CD garnered great reviews from all over the world and he followed up with the sophomore Lion Music release ' Chasin VooDoo '. Chris went on to win the Sam Ash " Best In Shred " contest in Columbus Ohio and has supported such acts as Dream Theater , Greg Howe , Tony Macalpine , and Steve Vai over the span of his career. He has also been on numerous compilation CD's, the most noted one being Warmth in the Wilderness : A Tribute to Jason Becker where he covered " Opus Pocus " which received praise in Guitar World magazine's review of the album.

Chris finished up his latest instrumental album Project Alcazar: Lost In Centralia bringing in ex Fates Warning drummer Mark Zonder 's talents along with virtuoso keyboardist Caleb Hutlsar who helped co write all the songs. The new album ' Lost In Centralia' was released September 2020 on Guitar One Records USA.

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