Summer 2020 , will it come back to normal? Friday June 26 2020, 7:29 PM
Summer 2020 , will it come back to normal?

A new issue is coming!!!

Summer 2020 , will it come back to normal?

A worldwide change has occurred,  More homeless, workless, shops closing down...
The economy is falling apart for a virus we don't really a thing about. Violence, stupidity ... the internet becomes a whole crap thing people get absorbed and swallow everything they are told.
I welcome and thank all the new subscribers, I haven't spoke for a while, I'm working on a new life for a better futur I hope.
In few days the new issue of  The Metal Mag  will be uploaded, and it is with pleasure I have had the help of few who support me as the  bands around. I am grateful for their help and to see how many people are willing to participate to a magazine I made decades ago to spread the disease of music.
We must unite and not let those crazy shit taking over. So to give you a little hint the mag will be composed of :
Duality , Tokyo Blade, Toledo Steel, Metal Mike's section, In Malice's Wake, Wes moose 's section, Avila's section, Devil's bargain, Mindless sinner, Mick michaels section,  Leah Crowley's section, Thundermother, , Eddie sinner's section, Vinyl lolipop's section, Stormstress, Live christine, Terri Marquez's participation, Luis Zapatta section, Robyn Ferguson, Java... 
All these people have participated freely for the love of music, spreading bands and their own work with me. This is an honor to spread such great work with all of them. To see how my work get so much supported , better than a team we are a union of Music lovers.
I will once again get my friend Jeremy Ross lawler ad so now you will be able to get your cd and support him. A other people of course.
Music is life 

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