DEATHBLOW's 'Insect Politics' Out Now on Sewer Mouth Records / Album Streaming Friday December 25 2020, 2:20 PM
DEATHBLOW's 'Insect Politics' Out Now on Sewer Mouth Records / Album Streaming

Salt Lake City (UT) - Sewer Mouth Records has released Insect Politics, the new album from SLC bangers DEATHBLOW. The album is available on CD, vinyl, cassette, and digital formats.

Insect Politics (Stream/Purchase):

"Deathblow transport the inclined Thrasher, on the one hand, to the old-school Thrash of the 80s, but on the other hand they also manage to transport the whole thing into the 2020s. The album knows how to convince with variability and really good arrangements." (9/10)

- Metal Only

"It’s such a beast. Filled to the brim with thrash-focused head-bangers, while also delving into punkier areas and touching upon the world of death metal."

- Games. Brrraaains & A Head-Banging Life

"It’s an album that gets better on every play, and one that has ticked everything I want on the thrash checklist. Ferocious, razor sharp guitars blend with punishing riffs and a thunderous rhythm section."

- The Razors Edge

"Snarling pit thrash sound somewhere between Power Trip and Nuclear Assault’s second album. These guys make an undeniably strong impression."

- Grizzly Butts 

"Deathblow puts the rawness of thrash on a beautiful throne."

- White Room Reviews

"Onslaught of energy!"

- JP's Music Blog

The bands second full length since 2014's  Prognosis Negative . Insect Politics is a deep dive into the madness of the 21st century, exploring the subjects of isolation, digital dementia, radicalization, paranoia and the break down of politics in the modern world. DEATHBLOW leans more toward a punk and death metal sound on the new album, compared to the purer thrash metal approach of prior releases.

Track Listing:

1. Brain Bugs

3. Nefarious Ends

4. Insect Politics

5. Convert Or Die!

6. Through The Eyes Of Delusion

7. Agent Zero

8. Behind Closed Doors

Album Credits:

 Recorded and Mixed by Wes Johnson at Archive Recordings.

 Mastered by Arthur Rizk.

-Artwork by Axel Hermann (Legendary German artist, worked on art for Sodom, Asphyx and many more).

Band photos by Brock Grossl.

-All songs written by Deathblow all lyrics by Holger.


Holger the Horrible (Holton Grossl) – Guitar/Vocals

Paulie Gunk (Paul Lachica) - Bass

Grob (Rob Larsen) - Drums

Smelltron (Adam “Smelly” Kelly) - Guitar

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