DEATH CONSPIRACY releases EP "Intolerance" in physical format! Monday December 21 2020, 12:00 AM
DEATH CONSPIRACY releases EP "Intolerance" in physical format!

One of the new monsters of national extreme and technical music, DEATH CONSPIRACY , which recently released its debut EP entitled "Intolerance" on all digital platforms, is also making it available in very few and limited units in physical CD format. All funds received for these sales will go to new merchandising production, such as exclusive T-shirts, etc.

To acquire their physical CD "Intolerance" the band offers two ways: One through PagSeguro and another through the band's official store within the Mercado Livre , where this last alternative is even better for buyers because it has tracking code and extra payment facilities . But hurry, because sales are booming !!

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"This EP, in addition to being a personal and gigantic achievement by everyone in the band, was recorded for two years and had all its production, mixing and mastering in times of pandemic, where I unfortunately ended up being a victim of covid 19 and had a hard time. . Even debilitated, with fever and all the symptoms of the disease, I managed to finish it in time. Personally, my accomplishment is even greater because of this mishap, but today I am already cured and I can enjoy the launch with all my strength " , he commented Michel Villares (Vocal / Bass / Production)

"Intolerance" (EP):

1- Arise From Extinction
2- Intolerance
3- Obsession
4- Where The Demons Resides
5- Living To Explain
6- The Thousand Truths

Mixing, mastering, art direction and production by Michel Villares (MeH Studio)
Edited by Dough D'Magalhães and Ricky Franco
Logo by Caio Garibaldi (Garibaldi Tattoo Studio)

Fans of bands like Death in their technical phase, Cannibal Corpse , Abysmal Dawn , Hate Eternal , Meshuggah , Decapitated, Krisiun and Fear Factory will plunge headlong into the sound of DEATH CONSPIRACY , which is similar to a truly devastating and brutal breathtaking hecatomb. !

DEATH CONSPIRACY was a Brutal Technical Death Metal project, initially formed as a trio in ABC Paulista (region of greater São Paulo), in 2016, by Bruno Toledo (guitar), Harrison Duarte (guitar) and Dough D'Magalhães (drums) ). His goal since the formation was to show a brutal, technical work within Death Metal, running away from the simplistic traditionalism enshrined in style and abusing riffs, scales with abrupt changes of rhythm. With the entrance of the vocalist, bassist and renowned producer Michel Villares (X-Empire, Silence Tempest and Raiging Evil), also owner of M&H Studi o, in 2018, the band really met musically. With due proportions, it would be as if Death, by the late Chuck Schuldiner and one of the greatest influences of the group, still existed and continued to modernize and incorporate several sound ranges, such as Djent and Industrial, all of which were equipped with colossal and crystalline. "Living To Explain" , one of the first compositions already as a quartet, surpassed the expectations of the musicians so much that the initial project concept was quickly aborted, becoming a really solid and prolific band. In October 2020, "Living To Explain" was released as a single and video, while the band is still in the process of recording their first EP "Intolerance" , which is expected to be released later this year. And, even with the coronavirus pandemic that is plaguing the world, the DEATH CONSPIRACY machine has not stopped and continues to prepare itself more and more, rehearsing to start its marathon of shows and also composing ten new songs for the launch of its first full album ever titled, "Into The Oblivion" . Get ready, because DEATH CONSPIRACY , the new monster of Brazilian technical brutality, will do a "damage"!


Michel Villares - Vocal and Bass
Bruno Toledo - Guitar
Harrison Duarte - Guitar
Dough D'Magalhães - Drums and Backing Vocals


“Living To Explain ” (Single / 2020)
“Intolerance” (EP / 2020)
“Into The Oblivion” (Album / 2021)



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