New music: ANAEL - Mare - Into Endless Chaos Records Monday December 21 2020, 12:18 PM
New music: ANAEL - Mare - Into Endless Chaos Records

ANAEL - "Mare"
Label: Into Endless Chaos Records
Release date: 4. Feb. 2021
Format: Vinyl


Active since 1999, ANAEL have seen ephemeral waves and trends come and go, by just sticking to their very own, unique way of forging their dark Metal arts. Epic, majestic, atmospheric at times, the fourth full-length "Mare" marks the final part of an album cycle dedicated to the four elements. Water is the central topic of this latest effort, having been recorded in December 2019 in FiveLakes Studio near Munich. Released by Into Endless Chaos Records on vinyl, it confronts the listener with archaic fears and undertakes a journey to unexpected places hidden in the mist of time and human consciousness...


1. Odyssee  (6:45)

2. Anachron  (6:30)

3. Glasspeople  (7:22)

4. Sophia  (6:20)

5. Dreamtide  (6:14)

6. Darkness  (9:03)

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