New solo project "SOLLEIN" by Andy Clarke from The Crawling Sunday December 6 2020, 12:29 PM
New solo project "SOLLEIN" by Andy Clarke from The Crawling

Andy Clarke, known primarily for fronting death/doom act The Crawling, has released details of his new solo project " Sollein ." The music is penned as more of a black metal approach, focusing on the depressive subject matter, and delving into even darker places than his usual lyrical themes. The first single, "Another Side of Sadness" is due for a digital release on all major platforms Friday 18th December via Presolus Records.


“I sometimes find myself filled with creativity, but no outlet», he comments. «There are many ideas and emotions I feel need to be translated into music, but often isn’t achievable in a full band set up. For this reason, I began Sollein; writing music without boundaries, no constrictions I usually feel compelled to impose on myself. I have introduced synth, multiple guitars, clean vocal over-laced with a black metal delivery. The result has been an emotive, depressive listen. This makes me happy.”

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